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March 25, 2012

Blood Relations - Reasoning


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blood relations shortcut methods for Bank Exams

Cousin : Mother's or Father's Brother's or Sister's Son or Daughter (or) Parent's siblings' son or daughter (or) Uncle's or Aunt's son or daughter.

Nephew : Brother's or Sister's son

Niece : Brother's or Sister's daughter.

Uncle : Father's or Mother's brother.

 Aunt : Father's or Mother's sister

Father-in-Law : Spouse's father (or) Wife's or Husband's Father

Mother-in-Law : Spouse's mother (or) Wife's or Husband's Mother

Son-in-Law : Daughter's Husband

Daughter-in-Law : Son's wife

Brother-in-Law : Spouse's brother (or) Sister's husband

Sister-in-Law : Spouse's sister (or) Brother's Wife

Maternal : of or related to Mother

Paternal : of or related to Father

Siblings : brothers or sisters

Spouse : Husband or Wife

Note : Cousin is a COMMON GENDER, There are NO such words Cousin Brother / Cousin Sister

Generations : 
-2 Generation : Grand father and Grand Mother (Maternal & Paternal)
-1 Generation : Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Cousin
+1 Generation : Son, Daughter, Son-in-Law, Daughter-in-Law, Nephew, Niece
+2 Generation : Grand Sons and Grand Daughters


  • If the question is "How is A related to B". Then you must know the gender of A to answer the question
    • Without knowing A's gender, you cannot determine the relation from A to B
  • If a person is Uncle or Aunt to "A", A is that person's nephew (if A is Male) or niece (if A is female)
  • Cousin is a common Gender (I mean, you can use this word for both Male and Female)
    • Ex : A says to B, "you are the son of my grand father's only son".
      • How is B related to A?
      • How is A related to B?
    • Ans : 
      • B is Brother of A.
        • My grand father's only son = A's father (grand father's only son means only ONE son.. No other son and no daughter also)
      • A is either brother or sister to B
        • A and B are siblings. B is brother to A as we know the Gender of B. But we dont know the Gender of A. So we cant say whether A is Brother or Sister to B.
Lets have a look at some practice problems :

  • The mother of Ranbir is the only daughter of  Neetu's  father. How  Neetu is related to Ranbir?
    • Sister
    • Mother
    • Aunt
    • Cant determine
    • None of These
           Answer : Mother
          Explnation : Only daughter of Neetu's father  = Neetu only.
           The mother of Ranbir is Neetu, so Neetu is the mother of Ranbir :D
  • Amit is the son of Ajit's grand father's only daughter. How is Ajit's father related to Amit?
    • Grand Father
    • Uncle
    • Father
    • Data Inadequate
    • None of these
             Answer : Father
             Explanation : Ajit's grand father's only daughter means Ajit's mother. Amit is the son of Ajit's mother. 
                           So, Amit and Ajit are Siblings. Ajit's father is Amith's father too

  • Pointing to a boy Rekha said, "He is the son of my mother-in-law's only Child". How is the boy related to Rekha?
    • Son
    • Grand Son
    • Nephew
    • Brother
    • Cant determined
                Ans : Son
                Explnation : My mother-in-law's only child = Rekha's mother-in-law's only child = Rekha's husband.
                                    The boy is the son of the Rekha's Husband. So obviuosly Rekha is the mother to that
                                    boy and that boy is the Son of Rekha.
  • B is the husband of C. A is the sister of B. D is the sister of C. How is D related to B?
  • Son
    • Uncle
    • Sister-in-Law
    • Cant be determined
                Ans : Sister-in-Law
                Explnation : 
      •  B is Husband and C is his Wife. 
      • A is the sister of B, so A is the Sister-in-Law of C ( Husband's sister)
      • D is the sister of C so, D is the Sister-in-Law of B (Wife's Sister)
  • Pointing towards a girl, a Person said, "She is the only daugher of the only son of the wife of the father-in-law of my wife". How is the girl related to the Person?
    • Niece
    • Daughter
    • Sister
    • Daughter-in-Law
    • Cant be Determined
               Ans : Daughter
               Explnation : 
      • Father-in-Law of my wife = Father in Law of the Person's Wife = Person's Father
      • Wife of the Father-in-law of my wife = Wife of the Person's Father = Person's Mother.
      •  Only son of Person's Mother = That Person only (because Person's parents dont have any other child)
      • So, she is the only daughter of Person as the Person does not have any other Children.



  1. shivani di...thnx alot fr useful notes bt in ex. frst its a's grand father's only son means dat a's father's father dats grand n thn his son means a's father then how cum u explained it as brother???

    1. Re read the question lovely. A says to B "YOU ARE THE SON OF my grand father's only son"

      your logic is correct till the grand father's only son... means father...

      but A is saying to B that "you are the son of my father". Whats that mean? :)


  2. how does a sister's son become a cousin? he will become nephew right?

    1. Check the sentence again Friend. Its Mother's or Father's Brother's or Sister's Son or Daughter.

      in simple sense Mother / Father's Brother's/Sister's Son/Daughter.

    2. Cousin- uncle or aunty's son/daughter

  3. hi..this is really amazin...thanks fr such lovely information..:)

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  6. can anyone solve me this qn : pointing to a girl sam said she is the daughter of my mother's only brother .How is sam related to the girl?

    my ans:cousin my friend says its cousin brother cousin n cousin brother r same r different ?? pls reply

    1. There is nothing called cousin brother or cousin sister as per this post ans should be cousin

    2. Yes bro u are absolutely right...

  7. its helpful for me..thanx...

  8. thanks so much....Its been easy to understand....thanks a lot

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    1. open ur mind space n try more to understand whats the question is saying

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