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February 16, 2012

Computers Basics


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Once upon a time, there was a sooper hero named Khan Kapoor Kumar. He was very inteligent (He thinks so). Hez proud of his name. But unfortunately people dont call him with his name. They call him Politician instead.. As days passed by, our sooper hero came to know that the reason behind the villagers treating him like a Politician is because, he lacks of a small organ called BRAIN. So he made an Ironbox and gave some electricity to it. 
When he turned on the switch, it said YES, he marked it as 1
When he turned off the switch, it said NO, he marked it as 0
He became famous with this YES/NO Device. He added some circuits to it, so that it could perform some calculations. So he called it as Calculator. In-order to make his Ironbox remember calculations, he added some memory to it. And named it as Computer. 
He added some Input Devices (Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Touch pad, Light-pen, Joystick) to it so that he can talk to it.
He added some Output Devices (Monitor, Speaker, Printer) to it so that the Ironbox can talk to him. 
He felt happy because he developed a semi brain called Computer. So, he wanted to communicate with it.

He said "Hi"

It said "1011"

He said "How are you?"

It said "0110 1010 0101"

Then he realized that his Computer only can understand 1's and 0's. So he tried to talk in 1's and 0's language. Later he realized that its really hard to do that. So he attached a compiler to his Computer. The compiler converts his words into 1's and 0's and gives to the computer. And later converts the computer's response into our sooper hero's language. 
Our hero felt that he almost Did it. But even our Compiler also cant understand our sooper Hero's language. So he developed some languages (C, C++, Java etc) to talk to the compiler. 

So our sooper hero finally managed to build a Computer and Proved that hez a Brainless Brilliant. 

Hardware & Software
How does Computer Work ?
The Keyboard


  1. hey very nice ...!
    Easy to learn like this thak you so much.....

  2. wow super..very intresting to learn.....

  3. plz send some more computer exams notes mostly related to ms office

  4. Wow!!! U explained it as a nice story. Thanku mam:-)

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  6. Hi,

    This is a great effort. It seems you are a successful renowned mentor/teacher/professor/consultant.......

  7. Got easily fit into d brain....awsm..xcelnt job

  8. please upload study material in pdf that we can download it

  9. So nice of you Ma'am. Its the real art of sharing the knowledge. may almighty bless you.


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