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February 16, 2012

How does Computer Work?


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In this post we shall see some basic computer terminology which helps computer to work.

  • Input : Data / Information entered into the computer using various input devices. 

    • Input Devices :
      • Keybord : To type the data
      • Mouse : To point and click the objects
      • Tracker Ball : Works similar to mouse, used by Graphic Designers
      • Scanners : Converts the Hardcopy into Softcopy (Simply scans paper documents and stores them in system)
      • Touchpad : The desktop which responds according to the Touch. 
      • Light pens : Used to point the areas on the screen.
      • Joy Sticks : Used for Playing Videogames. 

    Input Devices

    • Output : Data / Information given by the computer. It displays on Monitor (Screen) / Prints via Printer / Generates sounds via Sound boxes and ofcourse stores the information in Disks.
      • Output Devices : 
        • VDU : Video Display Unit. Also known as Monitor. Which displays output
        • Printers : There are many types of printers. These are used for converting the Soft-copy into Hard-copy (Printing the data  on Paper)
        • Plotter : It is also similar to printer, but it can draw continuous point-to-point lines directly from vector graphics files or commands. So you can expect more clarity than printers.
        • Speakers : Gives the output in the Sound Signal form
                                            OutPut Devices

    • Processing : The Processor/Central Processing Unit/CPU performs the operations with the help of ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit - which performs Mathematical and Logical Operations)
    • Storage : The Random Access Memory (RAM) or Memory temporarily stores your date while you are working with that. 
      • Storage Devices :
        • Hard Disk : Internal Drive of High capacity which stores larger and important files including your Operating System.
          • The speed of the Hard disk is measured in milliseconds, 
          • The capacity of the Hard Disk is measured in Giga Bytes (GB). You can get up to 1000 gb hard disks now a days.
          • A Giga Byte is equalent to 1024 Mega Bytes (MB)
        • Floppy Disk : Its helps you to store smaller amount of data and take 
          • It's speed is Very Very low.
          • Capacity normally 1.44 Mega Bytes (hardly you can store 6 or 7 wallpapers :P)
        • CD/CD ROM : 
          • Slower than Hard Disks and Faster than Floppy Disks
          • Capacity 650+MB
        • DVD : 
          • Slower than HardDisks but faster than CDs
          • Capacity upto 17Giga Bytes

                                    Various Storage Devices

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