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January 19, 2019

19th January 2019 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 19th January 2019. You can download PDF Version of the editorials and meanings from below link. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials from THE HINDU News Paper

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Nudged into action: on the Lokpal Act"
  • Nudge - to move gradually in a particular direction
  • Progress - the process of developing or improving
  • Graft - dishonest or illegal activities in politics or business that involve giving people money or advantages in exchange for their help or support
  • Panel - a group of people who make decisions or judgments
  • Assent - agreement with or approval of a plan or suggestion
  • NGO - non-governmental organization: an organization which is neither a government department, nor a business operating for profit
  • Contempt - behaviour that is illegal because it does not obey or respect the rules
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Verdict - an official judgment made in a court
  • Groundwork - work that you do in order to prepare for something
  • Diverse - very different from each other
  • Minority - a small number of people or things that are part of a larger group but different in some way from most of the group
  • Expedite - to make something happen quickly or easily
  • Manpower - all the people who are available to do a particular job or to work in a particular place
  • Infrastructure - the set of systems within a place or organization that affect how well it operates, for example the telephone and transport systems in a country
  • Secretariat - a government department
  • Admonish - to tell someone that you do not approve of what they have done
  • Verdict - an official judgment made in a court
  • Brush aside - to refuse to accept that something is important or true
  • Amendment - a change made to a law or agreement
  • Eminent - important, respected, and admired
  • Jurist - a legal expert, usually a judge
  • Aggrieved - feeling angry and unhappy because you think you have been treated in an unfair way
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Endorse - to express support for someone or something, especially in public
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Shape of the slowdown: on China's economy"
  • Slowdown - a period when there is less business activity than usual in a company, the economy, etc
  • Transition - the process of changing from one situation, form, or state to another
  • Implication - a possible effect or result
  • Juggernaut - something that is very powerful, especially something that has a bad effect
  • Export - the practice or business of selling goods to another country
  • Amidst - if something happens amid particular feelings or events, it happens while people have these feelings or while these events are happening
  • Surplus - more of something than is necessary
  • Contract - to become smaller
  • Faltering - becoming less effective and successful
  • Implication - a possible effect or result
  • Inject - to provide more money for something
  • Prep - to prepare for something, or to prepare someone for something
  • Stimulus - anything that encourages something to happen, develop, or improve
  • Transition - the process of changing from one situation, form, or state to another
  • Wean off - to make someone gradually stop depending on something that they like and have become used to
  • Fuel - to make something increase or become worse, especially something unpleasant
  • Aftermath - the effects and results of something bad or important
  • Crisis - an urgent, difficult, or dangerous situation
  • Threaten - to tell someone that you might or you will cause them harm, especially in order to make them do something
  • Derail - to prevent something from continuing in the way that it was planned
  • Steer - to influence the way that something happens or the way that people behave
  • Wary - careful or nervous about someone or something because you think they might cause a problem
  • Liquidation - a situation in which a business closes and sells everything it owns in order to pay money that it owes
  • Uneconomical - involving high costs in money, time etc, but not providing reasonable results or profits
  • Ample - enough, and often more than you need
  • Bite the bullet - to force yourself to do something difficult or unpleasant that you have been avoiding doing

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