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November 19, 2018

19th November 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 19th November 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : There were no editorials in THE HINDU on 18th November 2018 (Sunday)

  • Cyclone - a severe storm in which the wind spins in a circle
  • Extreme - very severe or bad
  • Severe - causing very great pain, difficulty, worry, damage, etc.; very serious
  • Coastal - on land beside a sea
  • Resilience - the ability to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened
  • Toll - the total number of people who have been killed or hurt
  • Infrastructure - the basic systems and services, such as transport and power supplies, that a country or organization uses in order to work effectively
  • Disaster management - the job or activity of preparing for and successfully dealing with extremely difficult or damaging events that affect your business
  • Paying off - if something you have done pays off, it is successful
  • Bureaucracy - a system for controlling or managing a country, company, or organization that is operated by a large number of officials employed to follow rules carefully
  • Acquire - to get something
  • Efficiency - the good use of time and energy in a way that does not waste any
  • Mitigating - making something less harmful, unpleasant, or bad
  • Impact - a powerful effect that something, especially something new, has on a situation or person
  • Catastrophic - a sudden event that causes very great trouble or destruction
  • Vulnerability - the quality of being vulnerable (= able to be easily hurt, influenced, or attacked), or something that is vulnerable
  • Adopt - to start behaving in a particular way, especially by choice
  • Felling -  to cut down a tree
  • Partisan - strongly supporting a person, principle, or political party, often without considering or judging the matter very carefully
  • Rehabilitation - to return someone to a good, healthy, or normal life or condition afterthey have been in prison, been very ill, etc
  • In contrast - an easily noticed or understood difference between two or more things
  • Instance - a particular situation, event, or fact, especially an example of something that happens generally
  • Politicise - to make something or someone political, or more involved in or conscious of political matters
  • Machinery - the structure and systems of an organization or process
  • Compensation - money that is paid to someone in exchange for something that has been lost or damaged or for some problem
  • Livestock - animals and birds that are kept on a farm, such as cows, sheep, or chickens
  • Intervention - action taken to intentionally become involved in a difficult situation in order to improve it or prevent it from getting worse
  • Casualty - a person injured or killed in a serious accident or war
  • Hazard - something that is dangerous and likely to cause damage
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 :  "Theresa May's toughest week"
  • Retain - to keep or continue to have something
  • Looms - if an unwanted or unpleasant event looms, it seems likely to happen soon and causes worry
  • Verdict - an opinion or decision made after judging the facts that are given, especially one made at the end of a trial
  • Referendum - a vote in which all the people in a country or an area are asked to give their opinion about or decide an important political or social question
  • Orchestrated - with every detail very carefully planned, sometimes secretly
  • Conservative - not usually liking or trusting change, especially sudden change
  • Modality - a particular way of doing or experiencing something
  • At the heart of - to be the most important part of something
  • Bitter - a bitter experience causes deep pain or anger
  • Dispute - an argument or disagreement, especially an official one between, for example, workers and employers or two countries with a common border:
  • Formalise - to make something official or decide to arrange it according to a fixed structure
  • Summit - an important formal meeting between leaders of governments from two or more countries
  • Uphill - needing a large amount of effort
  • In the wake of - if something happens in the wake of something else, it happens after and often because of it
  • Spate of - a large nubmer of
  • Colleague - one of a group of people who work together
  • Prominent - very well known and important
  • Campaigner - a person who takes part in organized activities that are intended to change something in society
  • Brexit - an exit (act of leaving) by the United Kingdom from the European Union (short for "British exit")
  • Predecessor - someone who had a job or a position before someone else, or something that comes before another thing in time or in a series
  • Blueprint - an early plan or design that explains how something might be achieved
  • Controversial - causing disagreement or discussion
  • Eurosceptic - a person, especially a politician, who opposes closer connections between Britain and the European Union
  • Anxious - worried and nervous
  • Alter - to change something, usually slightly, or to cause the characteristics of something to change
  • Indefinite - not exact, not clear, or without clear limits
  • Constrain - to control and limit something
  • Unfolding - if a situation or story unfolds, it develops or becomes clear to other people
  • Crisis - a time of great disagreement, confusion, or suffering
  • Trigger - an event or situation, etc. that causes something to start
  • Prospect - the possibility that something good might happen in the future
  • Minority - a smaller number or part
  • Rally - to (cause to) come together in order to provide support or make a shared effort
  • Backbencher - a member of the UK parliament who does not have any official position in the government or in one of the opposing parties
  • Backing - support
  • Chaotic - happening in a confused way and without any order or organization
  • Ramification - the possible results of an action
  • Avert - to prevent something bad from happening
  • Nightmare - an extremely unpleasant event or experience or possible event or experience
  • Conceivable - possible to imagine or to believe
  • Scenario - a description of possible actions or events in the future
  • Referendum - a vote in which all the people in a country or an area are asked to give their opinion about or decide an important political or social question
  • Eloquent - giving a clear, strong message
  • Echo - to repeat details that are similar to, and make you think of, something else
  • Meanwhile - until something expected happens, or while something else is happening
  • Uncertainty - a situation in which something is not known, or something that is not known or certain
  • Hollowness - (of situations, feelings, or words) the fact of being without value, or not true or sincere
  • Campaign - a planned group of especially political, business, or military activities that are intended to achieve a particular aim
  • Fragility - easily damaged, broken, or harmed

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