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May 29, 2018

29th May 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 29th May 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials from THE HINDU News Paper

Download PDF Version of Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 29th May 2018 from HERE

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Talk it over: the Centre's role in J&K"
  • Talk over - to discuss a problem or a plan
  • Initiative - an important action that is intended to solve a problem
  • Suspension - the act of officially stopping something for a period of time
  • Significant - very important
  • Take tough line - to deal with someone or something in a very firm or strict way and refuse to change your opinion or decision
  • Helter-skelter - in a hurry and without planning or organization
  • Sympathise - to approve of and support someone or something
  • Statistical - a collection of numerical facts or measurements, as about people, business conditions, or weather
  • Hardline - strict or extreme in your beliefs or opinions, and not willing to change them
  • Set off - to cause something to operate
  • Wave of - a sudden strong feeling or emotion that a person or group of people has
  • Funeral - a ceremony that takes place after someone dies
  • Disaffection - the state of no longer feeling loyal towards a group or organization
  • Take stock (of something) - to spend some time thinking about the situation that you are in before you decide what to do next
  • Dramatically - in a sudden and surprising way that is easy to notice
  • Interlocutor - someone who takes part in talks as a representative of another person or organization
  • Valley - a low area of land between mountains or hills, usually with a river flowing through it
  • Nudge - to make something move gradually or a little way in a particular direction
  • Amnesty - a situation in which a government agrees not to punish people who have committed a particular crime
  • Stone-pelters - people who throw stones with force at someone or something
  • Cease - to stop happening or continuing
  • Recast - to change the way that someone or something is or appears to be
  • Give a pause - to cause someone to stop and think about what they were doing or intending to do
  • Seemingly - in a way that appears to have a particular quality, even though this is probably not true
  • Unending - continuing without stopping, or seeming to last for ever
  • To start with - used for introducing the first or the most important point to support an argument or opinion
  • Stifle - to stop something from developing normally
  • Cordon - a line of people, especially police officers or soldiers, that stops other people from going somewhere
  • Orchard - an area of land where fruit trees are grown
  • Harvest - to collect a crop from the fields
  • Ceasefire - an agreement to stop fighting for a period of time, especially in order to discuss permanent peace
  • Bilateral - involving two groups or countries
  • Subvert -  to attack or harm a government or established system of law, politics etc
  • Vested interest - a special reason for wanting things to happen in a particular way, because you will benefit from this
  • Resolution - the action of solving a problem or dealing with a disagreement in a satisfactory way
  • Alienation - to cause someone or a group of people to stop supporting and agreeing with you
  • Amid - if something happens amid particular feelings or events, it happens while people have these feelings or while these events are happening
  • Polarise - to form two very different groups, opinions, or situations that are completely opposite to each other, or to cause this to happen
  • Anxiety - a worried feeling you have because you think something bad might happen
  • Window of opportunity - an opportunity to do something that will only be available to you for a short time
  • Seize - to gain control in a situation
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "The roaring thirties: on CSK's triumph"
  • Roaring - loud and powerful
  • Triumph - a great victory or success
  • Squad - a sports team
  • Formidable - very impressive in size, power, or skill and therefore deserving respect and often difficult to deal with
  • Premier - best, largest, or most important
  • League - a group of teams or players who regularly compete against one another, put in order according to how many points they have won
  • Inevitability - the fact that something is certain to happen
  • Consistent - continuing or developing steadily in the same way
  • Inception - the beginning of something
  • Pivotal - extremely important and affecting how something develops
  • Clash - an important game or competition between two teams or players
  • Triumph - to win a great victory, or to have a great success
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Betting - the activity of trying to win money by placing a bet (=guessing the result of a race, game etc)
  • Scandal - a situation in which important people behave in a dishonest or immoral way that shocks people
  • Credit to - to say that someone has achieved something because of a particular thing
  • Skipper - someone who is in charge of a team. The more formal word is captain
  • Signature - used to describe the product or service that a company or person is known for
  • Unflappable - calm and relaxed, and not easily upset or worried
  • Coast - to achieve success very easily or with very little effort
  • Nail-biting - a nail-biting situation makes you very excited or worried
  • Dugout - a small shelter by the side of a sports field where team members sit during a game when they are not playing
  • Undemonstrative - tending not to express your feelings towards other people, for example by not kissing or touching them
  • Gamut - the complete range of things of a particular type
  • Demeanour - the way you look and behave
  • Antidote - something that helps to improve the effects of something bad or negative
  • Frenzied - done in an extremely uncontrolled way
  • Inasmuch as - used for adding a comment that explains or makes clearer what you have just said
  • Protest - an occasion when people show that they disagree with something by standing somewhere, shouting, carrying signs, etc
  • Season - a period of the year when a particular sport is played
  • Discard - to get rid of something that you no longer want or need
  • Get past - if something such as a proposal gets past someone, or if you get it past someone, it is accepted by someone who has the power to stop it happening
  • Colossus - someone or something that is very large or impressive
  • Retention - the ability to keep workers or customers from leaving a company, or students from leaving a school
  • Core - the most important or most basic part of something
  • Adulation - great praise or admiration, especially for someone who is famous
  • Pulse-pounding - some thing that increases the heartbeat rate
  • Preordained - something that is preordained is certain to happen and cannot be changed
  • Preparatory - done as preparation for something else
  • Turmoil - a state of excitement or uncontrolled activity
  • Tampering - the illegal act of touching or making changes to something when you should not
  • Crisis - an urgent, difficult, or dangerous situation
  • Tainted - something that is tainted is spoilt by an unpleasant feature or quality that often makes people not want to be involved with it
  • Stand down - to leave a job or position, especially an important one
  • Hot seat - a difficult position in which you are responsible for decisions and problems that may make many people angry
  • In tandem - together and at the same time
  • Agility - the ability to move about quickly and easily
  • Limelight - a situation in which you are getting a lot of interest and attention from the newspapers, television etc
  • Springboard - something that helps you to become successful
  • Stardust - an imaginary shiny powder with magic power
  • Cautionary - warning someone that they should be careful
  • Grim - grim news, situations, or events are unpleasant and make you feel upset and worried
  • Province - one of many areas into which some countries are divided

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