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March 26, 2018

GK & Current Affairs Quiz of March 2018 - Set 10

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The 5th World Ocean Summit 2018 was recently held at ?

China re-elected _________ as the country's President after removal of presidential term limits last week.

The 105th Indian Science Congress (ISC) was recently held at which Indian city ?

The US and Israeli military officials have launched a month-long joint military exercise. Name it ?

What was India's rank in recently released Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE) 2018 ?

Which country topped the above Index ?

To promote the production and sale of Jackfruit, which state government is going to declare it as the state fruit ?

Which state has bagged the top spot in the Domestic Ease of Doing Business — an index created by the central government in collaboration with the World Bank ?

Which country has recently announced that it is going to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC) ?

Who was appointed as the new Special Director in the Enforcement Directorate (ED) by the government ?

Which city topped the Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS) 2017 report in terms of quality of urban governance ?

The President of Mauritius has resigned amid a financial scandal over the use of a credit card given by an NGO to buy personal luxury items. Name him / her ?

Which country has announced that is not going attend the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting to be held in India (Delhi) amid the ongoing diplomatic tension between the two nations ?

Sajibu Cheiraoba is a lunar new year festival celebrated in which Indian state ?

The Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) paid tribute to a former BCCI president with a book titled, 'A Tribute to Jagu'. Name him ?

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