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December 14, 2017

December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz - Set 7

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Sri Lanka recently handed over the Southern Hambantota Port to which country on a 99-year lease for $1.12-billion deal ?

The 'Father of DNA fingerprinting in India' was recently passed away. Who is he ?

“Mountain under Pressure: climate, hunger, migration” is the Theme of which International Day of the year 2017 ?

Who has been recently elected as the new President of Indian National Congress ?

The International Mountain Day is observed on ?

Which country has recently lifted 35 year long bank on Cinemas ?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched an SMS campaign to warn people against scams promising prize money from the RBI. Name it ?

___________ has been announced as the 'Color of The Year' for 2018 by Pantone Color Institute, a world renowned authority on colours ?

Which country and Egypt have recently signed a deal to build Egypt's first nuclear power plant ?

India's largest carmaker has recently became India's sixth most valued firm, crossing India's largest lender SBI. Name it ?

India's first-ever mobile food testing laboratory was recently launched in which state ?

Which country has won the Hockey World League Final Gold at Bhubaneswar ?

Which country has won the Bronze medal in Hockey World League 2017 ?

Which Bollywood Actress was honoured with the Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice for her work in helping refugees with food, shelter and education ?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) recently announced that all its member nations have decided to prolong it's Secretary-General's term until September 30, 2020. Who is he ?

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