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November 19, 2017

Essays for IBPS PO VII in 250 Words : Is Indian Mainstream Media too Chaotic ?

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Is Indian Mainstream Media too Chaotic ?

With the advent of technology and increasing use of social media, Mainstream Media (MSM) is constantly being criticised for its fact manipulation and deceit. Starting from the political sphere to sports, cinema, economics and personal lives, the Indian MSM is known more for misleading the audience. Journalists pay more attention to convert a general story into a debatable topic audaciously. Viewers have no other option but to concede that MSM is here to control the stage of debating and opinion making. The priority is put more on the updates of social media than actual fact finding and analyses. This is where the Indian MSM is gradually losing its plot in front of the educated viewers. 

In Europe and America, the governments have brought legislations into practice so that MSM does not get deviated from portraying the truth. In contrast, the Indian MSM platforms are continuously focusing on broadcasting the news they are paid for. These kinds of news are sponsored mostly by prominent individuals from the fields of politics, entertainment and business. Their prime purpose of broadcasting such news is to improve their image for personal benefits.

Ever since the 2002 Gujarat Riots, MSM has always been aggressive towards Narendra Modi. However, the Prime Minster of India has smartly utilised social media as a misinformation tool and deliberately countered MSM. Experts are of the opinion that, despite a hostile relationship, media played a pivotal role during Modi's ministerial campaign. It is a well-known fact that media and politics go hand-in-hand. Nevertheless, for being too much chaotic and partial, blaming the ruling government will not be the right solution. Media is known to be an integral pillar of democracy. In order to demonstrate realism and build trust among viewers, the change has to be introduced right from the perspective. 

shared by Nisheeta Mirchandani

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