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September 04, 2017

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 4th September 2017

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 4th September 2017. Happy reading :)

Note : There were no editorials in THE HINDU on 3rd September 2017 (Sunday)

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Perform or perish: on the Cabinet reshuffle"
  • Perish - to die / to lose normal qualities
  • Reshuffle - the process of changing the jobs or responsibilities of the people in a particular group or organization
  • Consideration - careful thought before making a decision or judgment about something
  • Expedience - the situation in which something is helpful or useful in a particular situation, but sometimes not morally acceptable
  • Dictate - to influence or control how something is done
  • Shuffle - to move similar things from one position or place to another
  • Show someone the door -  to tell someone to leave
  • Elevate - to give someone a more important job or position
  • Lost out - to not get a benefit that someone else is getting
  • Entrant - someone who joins a profession
  • Mandate - the period of time during which an elected government or official is allowed to be in power
  • Single-minded - with your attention fixed on only one thing
  • Nurturing - to help someone or something to develop
  • Eventful - with a lot of exciting or unusual things happening
  • Stint - a period of time spent doing something
  • Portfolio - a particular job or area of responsibility of a member of a government
  • Former - used for describing someone or something that had a particular job, title, status etc in the past, but not now
  • Sideline - to prevent someone from being involved in something that they would normally expect to be involved in
  • Persuade - to make someone agree to do something by giving them reasons why they should
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Far from - used for saying that the real situation is the opposite of what you mention
  • Controversy - a disagreement, especially about a public policy or a moral issue that a lot of people have strong feelings about
  • Divest - to take away someone’s power, rights, or authority
  • Rejuvenation - to make something such as an organization, system, or place good or effective again
  • Sanitation - conditions and processes relating to people’s health, especially the systems that supply water and deal with human waste
  • Ally - someone who is ready to help you
  • Imbalance - a situation in which the balance between two things is not equal or fair
  • Succeed - to achieve something that you planned to do or attempted to do
  • Ballot - the process of voting secretly to choose a candidate in an election or express an opinion about an issue
  • Annul - to state officially that something such as a marriage, an agreement, or an election has no legal authority
  • Bitter-sweet - involving or causing feelings of happiness and sadness at the same time
  • Ethnically -  with reference to birth, origins, or cultural background
  • Exasperated - extremely annoyed and impatient because things are not happening in the way that you want or people are not doing what you want them to do
  • Brutal - extremely violent
  • Mar - to spoil something
  • Successive - coming or happening one after another in a series
  • Tarnish - to make people think that someone or something is less good
  • Reputation - the opinion that people have that a person, place, or thing is good
  • Dignified - someone who is dignified behaves in a calm way that people respect
  • Dispute - a serious disagreement, especially one between groups of people that lasts for a long time
  • Opponent - someone who is competing against you
  • Allege - someone who is competing against you
  • Integrity -  the quality of always behaving according to the moral principles that you believe in, so that people respect and trust you
  • Cumbersome - not simple, fast, or effective enough and difficult or annoying to use
  • Exacerbate -  to make a problem become worse
  • Campaign - a series of actions intended to produce political or social change
  • Chaotic - happening in a confused way and without any order or organization
  • Controversial -a controversial subject, opinion, or decision is one that people disagree about or do not approve of
  • Overhaul - to completely change a system in order to make it work more effectively
  • Scepticism - doubts that someone has about something that other people think is true or right
  • Prerequisite - something that must exist or happen before something else is possible
  • Erosion -  the gradual reduction or destruction of something important
  • Legitimacy - the fact that something is legal
  • Mandate - the authority of an elected government or official to do the things that they promised to do before an election
  • Stark - used for describing an unpleasant fact or situation that is very obvious or impossible to avoid
  • Efficacy - effectiveness in producing the result that you intended
  • Mammoth - very large
  • Enthuse - to talk in an excited way about something that you are interested in
  • At the hustings - making speeches before an election to try to persuade people to vote for you
  • Outcry - an angry expression of protest or shock by a lot of people, as a reaction to something that someone has done or to something that has happened
  • Outcome -  the final result of a process, meeting, activity etc
  • Assertion - a definite statement or claim that something is true
  • Commensurate - intended to be suitable for the quality, status, or value of someone or something
  • Accountability - a situation in which people know who is responsible for something and can ask them to explain its state or quality
  • Exploit -  to treat someone unfairly in order to get some benefit for yourself
  • Loyalties - your feelings of support or duty towards someone or something
  • Observance - the act of obeying a law
  • Prolonged - to make something last a longer time
  • Drought - a long period when there is little or no rain
  • Starvation - the state of having no food for a long period, often causing death
  • Mitigating - making something less harmful, unpleasant, or bad

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