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September 04, 2017

August 2017 Current Affairs Quiz - Set 14

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The UN global nuclear watchdog, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has opened World’s first low Enriched Uranium (LEU) Bank in Oskemen. Oskemen located in which Central Asian country ?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated a 1.4-kilometre long hanging bridge across which river in Rajasthan's Kota ?

National Sports day is observed on ?

National Sports day marks the birthday of a hockey legend who won Three Olympic gold medals for India. Name him ?

The 10th India-European Union Counter Terrorism Dialogue was recently held at which Indian city ?

Doris Leuthard was on a 3 day visit to India. She is the President of which country ?

Name the first Indian player to be picked up by an Australian National Basketball League team (Sydney Kings) ?

Who has been recently appointed as the Chief Techology Officer (CTO) of Reddit ?

Which country has drafted a law on the appropriate use of its National Anthem by introducing criminal prosecution for violators ?

International Day Against Nuclear Tests is observed on ?

Which cab-hailing startup has recently launched in-app messaging feature along with multi-destination rides for users in India ?

Who has been recently appointed as the CEO of Uber ?

West Bengal's Ishapore was recently in news by launching India's first ______________

A set of 6 caves housing over 50 artefacts from the last Ice Age has become the 42nd UNESCO World Heritage Site in __________

The annual La Tomatina festival, which is considered the Biggest food fight in the world, was recently held at which Spanish town ?

To reduce plastic pollution, which African country has recently imposed the world's toughest law against plastic bags ?

Sanskrit Diwas is observed on ?

Karnataka government has recently merged the existing seven health schemes to launch a unified scheme, which covers all 1.4 crore households of the state. Name it ?

Name the Eminent Konkani writer, who was recently honored with prestigious Saraswati Samman for the year 2016 ?

Sail honored with Saraswati Samman for which novel ?

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