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August 01, 2017

SSC CGL 2017 Special : Physics Questions from Previous Papers - Set 2

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  1. Surface tension in a liquid is due to :
    1. Adhesive force between molecules
    2. Cohesive force between molecules
    3. Gravitational force between molecules
    4. Electrical force between molecules
  2. A circular plate, a cube and  a sphere, all made up of same material and having the same mass, are heated to 300°C and left in a room. Which of them will have the slowest rate of cooling ?
    1. Circular plate
    2. Cube
    3. Sphere
    4. All will cool at the same rate
  3. Optic fibres are used in ?
    1. CAT scans
    2. X-ray photos
    3. Ultrasound Scans
    4. Endoscopy
  4. Two waves, each of amplitude 1.5 mm and frequency 10Zz, are traveling in opposite direction with a speed of 20 mm/s. The distance in mm between adjacent nodes is :
    1. 1.0
    2. 1.2
    3. 1.5
    4. 2.0
  5. The snow on the mountains does NOT melt all at once when it is heated by the sun because :
    1. it becomes very hard
    2. it reflects most of the heat from the sun
    3. it has a low specific heat capacity
    4. it has a high latent heat of fusion
  6. A person standing on a railway platform listens to the whistles of arriving and departing trains. The whistle heard is 
    1. the same in both cases in all respects
    2. of higher intensity when train arrives
    3. of higher pitch when train arrives
    4. of higher pitch when train departs
  7. Holography is a technique of 
    1. recording a permanent, sharp tow dimensional black and white or multicolour photograph
    2. recording a permanent three dimensional multicolour pohtograph
    3. recording a permanent three dimensional black and white photograph
    4. recording a permanent three dimensional photograph of a given single colour or a multicolour
  8. The velocity of sound in moist air is more than in dry air because the moist air has 
    1. less density than dry air
    2. less pressure than dry air
    3. more pressure than dry air
    4. more density than dry air
  9. An ice block with a piece of lead embedded in it floats in water. If ice melts the water level
    1. rises
    2. falls
    3. remains same
    4. falls first and then rises
  10. The velocity of heat radiation in vacuum is 
    1. equal to that of light
    2. less than that of light
    3. greater than that of light
    4. equal to that of sound
  11. The plastic material commonly used for making gear wheels is 
    1. polyesters
    2. nylons
    3. bakelit
    4. polystyerene
  12. Ultra violet radiations of the Sun do not reach the earth because, earth's atmosphere is surrounded by
    1. carbon dioxide
    2. ammonia
    3. chlorine
    4. ozone
  13. "Curie" is a unit of :
    1. Radioactivity
    2. Temperature 
    3. Heat
    4. Energy
  14. Which of the following is used in oven ?
    1. X-rays
    2. UV rays
    3. Microwaves
    4. Radiowaves
  15. When heated from 0° to 10°C volume of a given mass of water will :
    1. increase gradually
    2. decrease gradually
    3. increase and then will decrease
    4. decrease and then will increase

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