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June 15, 2017

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 10th June 2017

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 10th June 2017. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Split wide open: On U.K. elections"

  • Nuance - a slight difference that may be difficult to notice but is fairly important
  • Majority - the number of votes by which a person or party wins an election
  • House of Commons - the part of the parliament in the UK or Canada that consists of politicians who have been elected by the people
  • Unprecedented - never having happened or existed before
  • Outcome - the final result of a process, meeting, activity etc
  • For instance - for example
  • Spectacle - an unusual, exciting, or impressive event
  • Cobble together - to make something or put something together carelessly
  • Coalition - a temporary union of different groups who agree to work together to achieve a shared aim
  • Elicite - to make someone react in the way that you want
  • Sarcasm - the activity of saying or writing the opposite of what you mean
  • Pitfall - a problem that is likely to happen in a particular situation
  • Crossroads - a point during the development of something when you have to make an important decision about what to do next
  • Snap election - a general election that is called earlier than expected
  • Sky-high - very high
  • Thumping - used for emphasizing how big or good something is
  • Mandate - the authority of an elected government or official to do the things that they promised to do before an election
  • Fizzle out - to gradually fail, become less enthusiastic, or disappear, especially after starting successfully
  • Blunder - to make a careless or embarrassing mistake
  • Distinct - separate and different in a way that is clear
  • Contradictory - contradictory statements, information, ideas, or beliefs disagree with each other and cannot both or all be true
  • Swathe - a large number of people, or a large amount of something
  • Assess - to carefully consider a situation, person, or problem in order to make a judgment
  • Channelled - to use your energy, ability, feelings, or ideas for a particular purpose
  • Underscore - to emphasize something, or to show that it is important
  • Subtle - indirect in a way that prevents people from noticing what you are trying to do
  • Aloof - not friendly or does not want to be involved in something
  • Dementia - a serious illness affecting someone’s brain and memory in which they gradually stop being able to think or behave in a normal way
  • Goof - a silly or stupid mistake
  • Vulnerable - easily damaged by something negative or harmful
  • Embarrassingly - making you feel nervous, ashamed, or stupid
  • Manifesto - a formal statement expressing the aims and plans of a group or organization, especially a political party
  • Unwise - not sensible
  • Cling on - to try very hard to keep something
  • Prospect - something that you expect or know is going to happen in the future, or the thought of this
  • Uncertainty - a nervous feeling that you have because you think bad things might happen
  • Silver lining - used for saying that there is usually a good aspect of a bad situation
  • Given voice to - to express your thoughts or feelings in words
  • Helm - officially controlling an organization or company
  • Nuance - a slight difference that may be difficult to notice but is fairly important

Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Proper protocol: On WHO’s antibiotics classification"

  • Protocol - a set of rules for the correct way to behave on formal occasions
  • Antibiotic - a drug that cures illnesses and infections caused by bacteria.
  • Resistance - the ability not to be affected or harmed by something, especially a disease or a drug
  • Initiative - an important action that is intended to solve a problem
  • Phenomenon - an event or situation that can be seen to happen or exist
  • Potent - powerful, or effective
  • Graded - consisting of a series in which each thing is slightly more difficult, slightly better, slightly stronger etc than the next
  • Infant - a baby, or a very young child
  • Frontier - the most advanced or recent ideas about something
  • Foresaw - to see or know something that will happen in the future
  • Mitigate - to reduce the harmful effects of something
  • Incentive - something that makes you want to do something or to work harder, because you know that you will benefit by doing this
  • Scrutiny - careful examination of someone or something
  • Stewardship - the way in which someone organizes and looks after something
  • Ensure - to make certain that something happens or is done
  • Diagnosis - a statement about what disease someone has, based on examining them
  • Sensitise - to make someone familiar with something such as a problem or bad situation
  • Enlightened - improved
  • Sanitation - conditions and processes relating to people’s health, especially the systems that supply water and deal with human waste
  • Hygiene - the practice of keeping yourself and the things around you clean, in order to prevent illness and disease
  • For instance - for example
  • Pose - to present a difficult or dangerous situation
  • Meningitis - a serious illness that affects the outer part of the brain
  • Scrupulous - very careful to be honest and to do what is morally correct
  • Adherence - the action of continuing to obey a rule, law, agreement etc
  • Prescription - a piece of paper that a doctor gives you that says what type of medicine you need
  • Determined - not willing to let anything prevent you from doing what you have decided to do

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