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May 18, 2017

Essays for IBPS PO 2017 : Satya Nadella - First Indian CEO of Microsoft

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Satya Nadella - First Indian CEO of Microsoft

  • Early childhood and family background. 
  • Educational and married life of Nadella. 
  • His journey with Microsoft. 
  • Appointed as the CEO of Microsoft in 2014.
  • His contribution to the company. 
  • His achievements as the business executive. 
  • His vision about digital technology. 
  • Dedication and hard work are the ladder of success.
"You renew yourself everyday. Sometimes you're successful, sometimes you are not, but it's the average that counts." 
Satya Nadella
Satya Narayan Nadella, the Indian born American business executive and the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, was born on 19th August, 1967 in a Telugu speaking family in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India. His father, Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandher, was a government official and civil servant of Indian Administrative Service. 

Nadella passed out from Hyderabad Public School. After schooling he attained a bachelors degree in Electrics and Telecommunications, a competitive field of engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology in 1988. He then attained his masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and masters degree in business administration from the Booth School of Business, University of Chicago. Nadella tied knots, in 1992 with Anupama. The couple has three children, two daughter and a son and live in Bellevue, Washington.

Nadella was always keen about building things and enhancing the lives of people through technological developments. He started his career with Sun Microsystems as a member of its technology staff In 1992, he joined Microsoft and his life started to change completely. He led many major projects and held many different positions in the company. He worked as the senior Vice-President of the Research and Development (R&D) department for Online Services Division and Microsoft Business Division. Later he was appointed as the President of Microsoft Server and Tool Division. Nadella was one of the masterminds behind the company's move to cloud computing and development of one'-of the world's largest and record-breaking cloud infrastructure.

Nadella has been credited for his leadership and guidance in creation of microsofts database windows server and developer tools to its Azure cloud. All department of Microsoft was recorded to flourish under Nadella's control. The company's business and technology culture transformed drastically and its revenue from the cloud services grew from $16.6 billion to $ $20.3 billion.

Satya Nadella is a role model to millions because of his achievements on the technological fronts. He works hard and always tries to bring about a revolutionary change in technology through innovation. Nadella was appointed as the CEO of Microsoft on 4th February, 2014 bringing pride to all the Indians. He has been working with Microsoft for the last 22 years now and has dedicated the best of his abilities for the success of the company. His promotion and achievements are to be attributed to his sheer determination and never dying spirit. 

Nadella's contribution has reshaped the company, his most inspiring and impactful accomplishment has been the invention of cloud computing division of Microsoft. This Indian engineer has joined the league of tech wizards like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates by the virtue of his great work. 

Nadella is an avid reader of American and Indian poetry. He often compares poetry to coding and likes spending his leisure time reading poems. He is also a great fan of cricket. He credits the sport for polishing his leadership qualities and enhancing his team spirit. Nadella calls himself a lifelong learner and also enrols into online classes in his spare time as he always strives to learn and apply perfection. He loves running and is a fitness enthusiast as well.

This Microsoft, CEO is personally mentored by Bill Gates who rejoined the company as soon as Nadella took the anchor to sail Microsoft in hands. Nadella believes that the day to day culture of an organisation is responsible of bringing long-term success. 

When asked about the motto, he says that he is first trying to replace the old ways with a new style to achieve the goal. Nadella has been steering Microsoft ever more into its cloud business which has been designed lately to deliver mobile experiences. He emphasises on the difference between a mobile experience and a mobile device. 

Satya Nadella is a very influential business executive known around the globe. In an interview when questioned about what he derives inspiration from, he says "Everything that we do, every customer interaction we have, every product we build, how we shore up with our industrial partners, reinforces that sense of identity and sense of purpose and mission. He is Microsoft's third CEO, he follows just two others, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in the role.

Nadella seems to fit the envisioned role for the CEO of Microsoft perfectly, a company that is hoping to metamorphose from a software giant into a device and service company, a move taken by the acquisition of Nokia's mobile division. He believes that everybody can achieve his goal by using digital technology which fits to their business. 

The main aim of Microsoft is to empower every person and ograinsation on the planet to achieve more. Nadella says, "What we do is to provide digital technology and digital technology platforms so that others can do things, get things done, make things happen". According to Nadella the technology paradigm keeps changing and over the next 10 year we will reach a point where nearly everything has become digitized. 

He explained for example, that even farmers are using connected devices to monitor production on a large scale in real-time. This in the future he hopes that, Microsoft can thrive in and it indicates that the term `enterprise market' means more to him than the IT department at our local bank or call center. If his vision is successful. Microsoft could achieve a great success. 

Satya Nadella managed to grow in his career because of his sheer dedication and hard work. He ought to remember that success is the result of years of hard work. Nadella's life story is an inspiration to all of us and it is hoped that India produces individuals like Satya Nadella, who are not only assets to an organisation but are assets to the entire world. 

Difficult Words with Meanings :
  • Enhancing to increase or improve the good quality, value or status of somebody/something
  • Mastermind an intelligent person who plans and directs a complicated project or activity
  • Azure cloud microsoft Azure is cloud computing plant from and infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying and managing application and services through a global network of microsoft-managed data centres
  • Wizard a person who is very skilled in a particular field or activity
  • Avid having or showing keen interest in
  • Strive make great efforts to achieve
  • Shore up to support or help
  • Envision to imagine what a situation will be like in the future
  • Metamorphose to change or make something into a completely different one over a period of time.
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