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April 06, 2017

Meet the new Executive Director of RBI - Malvika Sinha

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today announced that it has appointed Malvika Sinha as the new Executive Director (ED). Sinha, who took charge on 3rd April 2017, has replaced B P Kanungo, who was appointed as the Deputy Governor of RBI on 3rd April 2017.

Sinha had joined the Reserve Bank in 1982 and as a career central banker served in the areas of regulation and supervision, foreign exchange and government and bank accounts. She holds a Masters Degree from University of Bombay and has done her Masters in Public Administration. She is also a Certificated Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers.

Prior to being promoted as ED, she was Principal Chief General Manager, Department of Cooperative Banking Supervision in the Reserve Bank. As Executive Director, Sinha will look after Foreign Exchange Department, Department of Government and Bank Accounts and Internal Debt Management Department. 

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