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February 27, 2017

English Vocabulary in 365 Days - Lesson 64

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Hello everyone, in our Lesson 63, we learnt about the prefix SeSe represents the meanings apart; aside; withoutToday we shall see the prefixes Semi, Hemi, Demi. Happy Reading :)

Note : If you are new to these lessons, read the Introductory Lesson from HERE for better understanding.

Day 64 : Semi, Hemi, Demi

  • Semi, Hemi, Demi - half; partial
Let's try to understand this with some examples
  • semifinal (noun) = a match or round immediately preceding the final
    • semi - Prefix = half
    • final (finalis) - Root = final
  • hemisphere (noun) = half of the globe
    • hemi - Prefix = half
    • sphere (sphaira) - Root = sphere
Let's have a look at some more words with prefixes, for better understanding.
  • Demigod - a man who is greatly admired or respected (not complete god)
  • Demimillionaire - one having less than a million
  • Demimonde - a woman of doubtful reputation
  • Demisemitone - quartertone
  • Demisuit - half suit (not all parts protected)
  • Demitasse - a very small cup, usually for after dinner coffee
  • Demitone - halftone; semitone
  • Demivoice - less than full voice
  • Hemi dystrophy - one half of body less developed than the other
  • Hemialgia - pain on one side of the head
  • Hemiepilepsy - convulsions on one side only
  • Hemilhedron - acrystal having half of the usual number of faces
  • Hemiplegia - paralysis on one side only
  • Hemisphere - a half of a sphere
  • Hemisphere - half of the globe
  • Hemistich - a half of a line of verse
  • Semi civilized - only partly civilized
  • Semi diapason - a diminished octave
  • Semi-arid - dry; with little rain
  • Semiautomatic - not completely automatic
  • Semicircle - a half circle
  • Semicircle - one half of a circle
  • Semiconductor - a solid substance such as silicon that allows some electricity to pass through it, used for making electronic equipment such as computers
  • Semimonthly - twice in a month
  • Semi-skilled - having some special training, but less than skilled people
  • Semivowel - a speech sound intermediate between a vowel and a consonant, e.g. w or y
Home Work :
Try to guess the meanings of the following elements.
  1. -punct
  2. -rog
  3. -scope
  4. -temper
a. time
b. watch
c. point
d. ask

Try to match the above elements with given meanings.  Solve it on your own and

That's all for today guys..... Thank you :)

You can read Old Lessons of this series from here
Shraboni Chakraborty
Asstt. Professor
English and Foreign Languages University,
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