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January 27, 2017

IBPS RRB Interview Experience - Maneesh

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Name - Maneesh Kumar Yadav

Qualification - M.Sc. (Chemistry)

Interview Date - 19th January

Panel - 5

Venue - Lucknow, Gramin Bank of Aryavart

5 panelists..4 M and 1 F

Took permission and entered

M1: in jaunpur where u live? (i was expecting question tel me bout ursf)
ME: sir i live in rural part of jaunpur,, its a village named kanuwani.
M1: where it is?(i was like obviously it is in jaunpur what else u want to know)
ME: sir my village is beside our local market parauganj.

M2:ok manish..who is in ur family.
ME: told
M2:CAN U tell us ur whole academic career percentages.
me: told(those hard earned numbers how can i forget them)
M2; do ur father have kisan credit card?
ME:no sir, he dont have any.
M3; there are lots of rural bank in ur area and stil u dont have any kcc.
ME: sir in my village there is no banking and financial awareness..infact my family members used to tel me to keep a distance from plastic money and if i dont I wil end up losting ALL my money as there are lots of fraud is going on..BUT i think making distance from banking is never gonna help me..only getting into banking and being financial literate wil help..and thats the reason why i m here.
M3: okkk...(looking in my papers) what is biology of chemistry?
Me:sir i dont know what is.(what the hell is this..i hv done pg in
chemistry but never met this word)
M3: MANISH THIS is ur pg subject..and u have got good numbers in it.
me:(oh poor sir) sir it is biology for chemists it is simple biology
and every maths stream graduate has to study in pg.
M3:ok ok..what is physical chemistry?
Me: messed up
M3. corrcted
M4:do u know lead bank?
me; told
M4:what bank is lead bank in ur area?
me; sir its UBI..doing with help of KGSGB.
m4: what is banking corrspondent?( i used this word in some answer.)
me: told
m4: any other xams given?
m4; when is interview?
M4: told
m4; thank u maneesh we r done..
Me:wished them nice day ahead..
( all of them were very supportive and friendly)
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