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November 17, 2016

Banking Awareness Quiz - Set 106

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  1. Which Private Sector bank partnered with India's Largest Banker State Bank of India for their co-branded credit card for the Customers ?
    1. Catholic Syrian Bank
    2. Rathankar Bank Limited
    3. Paytm
    4. South Indian Bank
  2. How much amount has been allotted for MGNREGA for 2016-17 ?
    1. Rs. 9500 crore
    2. Rs. 35,500 crore
    3. Rs. 38,500 crore
    4. Rs. 27,500 crore
  3. LIC Mutual Fund Asset Management Company has inked a tie-up with which of the following co-operative Banks for distribution of it's mutual fund products through the bank's 140 branches across India recently ?
    1. Bihar State Co-operative Bank
    2. Cosmos co-operative Bank
    3. Bharat Co-operative Bank
    4. Kerala State Co-operative Bank
  4. Which of the following card issuer company has launched a premium credit card by the name ELITE recently ?
    1. Axis Platinum Card
    2. HDFC Cooperate Credit Card
    3. American Express Gold Credit Card
    4. SBI Cards and Payments Services (SBI Card)
  5. The World Bank Board has approved how much for US dollar project, Tejaswini: Socioeconomic Empowerment of Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Jharkhand ?
    1. 501 million
    2. 403 million
    3. 160 million
    4. 63 million
  6. India has been ranked _______________ out of 130 countries on the World Economic Forum's Human Capital Index, which measures countries' ability to nurture, develop and deploy talent for economic growth. 
    1. 100th
    2. 115th
    3. 105th
    4. 118th
  7. Prime minister Narendra Modi launched the government's flagship Smart City mission in 20 cities across the country from which off the following place making a strong pitch to consider urbanization as an opportunity to mitigate poverty ?
    1. Patna
    2. Ranchi
    3. Kolkata
    4. Pune
  8. The Board of Governors of the Asian Infrastructure Bank convened in which of the following place for the Bank's first annual meeting ?
    1. New Delhi, India
    2. Beijing, China
    3. Tokyo, Japan
    4. Seoul, South Korea
  9. Name the head of state-run Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), the biggest single investor in the country,  has tendered his resignation two years before his term was due to end ?
    1. S K Roy
    2. T S Vijayan
    3. V K Sharma
    4. T M Bhasin
  10. Who is the new Chairman of LIC ?
    1. S K Roy
    2. T S Vijayan
    3. V K Sharma
    4. T M Bhasin
  11. India became the _______________ largest recipient of foreign direct investment in 2015 in the world, grossing $44 billion following a series of reforms by the government, as per the latest World Investment Report released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 
    1. Ninth
    2. Second
    3. Sixth
    4. Tenth
  12. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released it's much awaited ______________ document, aims at building best of class payment and settlement systems for a 'less-cash' India and ensuring access of mobile banking services to even basic phone users. 
    1. Easily-2018
    2. Aim-2018
    3. Vision-2018
    4. Portal-2018
  13. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has decided to clean up the balance sheets of Indian banks, which are collectively saddled with a certain amount of bad loans, by the end of this fiscal. What is the amount of these bad loans ?
    1. Rs. Twenty Lakh crore
    2. Rs. One Lakh crore
    3. Rs. Two Lakh crore
    4. Rs. Five Lakh crore
  14. Interest rates for Small Savings Schemes will remain unchanged for the next quarter beginning July, government notified. Presently the rate of interest for both Five Year National Savings Certificate and Public Provident Fund scheme is ________________ ?
    1. 7.9 per cent
    2. 8.1 per cent
    3. 7.7 per cent
    4. 7.8 per cent
  15. What is Brexit ?
    1. The UK leaving from the EU
    2. The UK's PM resigned
    3. Recession in the UK
    4. ISIS suicide bomb blast in UK

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