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October 13, 2016

One Word Substitutions - Lesson 1 (Introduction)

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One Word Substitutions​

​Friends, all of you know, how important is the topic "One Word Substitutions" for competitive exams. In English section of every competitive exam like IBPS (POs & Clerks), Staff Selection Commission (CGH & CHSL) and various insurance exams, you will find these questions for approx 5 marks. The examiners use this test to evaluate your command over English Vocabulary. In this type of questions, the students taking the verbal ability test are required to answer by writing a single word which can be used appropriately in place of the given description.

​Knowledge of One Word Substitutes helps the aspirants not only in scoring well in exams but also achieving excellent proficiency in English Language.

​Often, leaners of English use vague words and long sentences. English is a rich language and has a large number of words. By substituting verbose sentences with precise words, one can convey his or her ideas more clearly.

​So, here we have decided to present a fairly good collection of One Word Substitutes. Possibly, 10 to 15 words on daily basis. Though it is not an exhaustive list, it is certainly an honest effort to explain highly useful words in the Competitive Exam point of view. These words include definitions which are often asked in National and International Competitive and Entrance examinations. Moreover, the knowledge of these words will also help the aspirants and learners of English to enhance their writing, speaking and reading skills.

I hope you will make the best use of this new series, and these one word substitutions lessons will prove very useful for all the competitive exam aspirants. Any suggestions and improvements of these lessons will be highly appreciated. You can use the comments section below to share your valuable suggestions. Let's start with the lesson 1. Happy Reading :)

​Lesson 1 of One Word Substitutions

  • ​Introduction to a book, play, etc - Prologue
  • ​Objects or pictures used to suggest a thing that cannot be shown : person or thing that represents an idea - Emblem
  • Poor and dirty children who annoy people or cause minor trouble - Urchin
  • ​Number of people who are killed or injured in an accident, disaster, war - Toll
  • Particular ways of walking - Gait 
  • In a careless and unplanned way - Willy-nilly
  • Written laws that are formally created by a government - Statute
  • ​Object, pieces of evidence or some informations that help the police solve a crime - Clue
  • Parts of your mind that tell you whether your actions are right or wrong - Conscience
  • Periods of time when something (activities or programs) are stopped - Hiatus
  • Written constitutions or description of organization's functions - Charter
  • Young women who are not married - Damsel
  • Journey especially by a group of people of for a specific purpose - Expedition
  • Existing, but not yet very noticeable, active or well developed - Latent
This is the end of today's One Word Substitutions lesson friends. Shall see you tomorrow with more examples. Good Day :)

Ruchira Sodhani

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