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October 01, 2016

September 2016 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 20

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The Incredible India Tourism Investors Summit (IITIS) 2016 was recently held at ?

Adani Enterprises recently commissioned a 648 MW solar power plant, which it claims is the world's largest solar plant at a single location. This plant is located in which Indian state ?

A 24-year-old transgender British soldier, has become the first woman to serve on the front line with the army. Name her ?

Name India's official entry to Academy Awards 2017 in the Foreign Language Film category ?

The Tamil film Visaaranai is directed by ?

Reliance Industries Limited Chairman has topped Forbes' annual list of India's 100 richest tycoons for 2016. Name him ?

The Cabinet has recently approved a ₹1,102 crore-project to lay an undersea cable link to Andaman and Nicobar Islands from which Indian city ?

The Cabinet has recently cleared subsidy support of __________ crore for public sector telecom operator BSNL for rural landline connections installed before April 1, 2002.

The US has recently labelled a Syrian jihadist rebel group as a terrorist organisation. Name it ?

The Odisha government today reduced the stamp duty on the purchase of land and houses in the name of women to _______% from 5%.

The Race Course Road, where the Prime Minister's residence is situated, has been recently renamed as _____________

Who has recently sworn-in as Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court ?

The government has recently appointed three members (Chetan Ghate, Pami Dua, Ravindra Dholakia) to the Monetary Policy Committee, completing the appointment process for the body. What is the purpose of this committee ?

Which Indian Bank has emerged as India’s most valuable brand for the third consecutive year, ranking first on the BrandZ Top 50 list released by WPP Group.

The first Jesse Owens Olympic Spirit Award will be posthumously awarded to which American Olympic and professional boxer ?

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