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September 28, 2016

Reasoning : Blood Relations Practice Problems with Explanations - Part 2

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  1. Pointing to a man in a photograph, a woman said, His brother's father is the only son of my grandfather". How is the woman related to that man in the photograph ?
    1. Mother
    2. Sister
    3. Aunt
    4. Daughter
    5. Grandmother
  2. Introducing a girl, Amit said, 'This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother". How is Amit related to the girl ?
    1. Father
    2. Father-in-law
    3. Grandfather
    4. Husband
    5. None of these
  3. Pointing to a man in a photograph, Reena said, "His mother's only daughter is my mother". How is Reena related to that man ?
    1. Nephew
    2. Sister
    3. Niece
    4. Wife
    5. Grand-daughter
  4. Pointing to a man in the park, Naman said "His son is my son's uncle". How is the man related to Naman ?
    1. Brother
    2. Father
    3. Uncle
    4. Grandfather
    5. None of these
  5. A told B, "Yesterday I met the only brother of the daughter of my grandmother". Whom did A meet ? 
    1. Cousin
    2. Brother
    3. Nephew
    4. Son
    5. Father
  6. Neelam who is Rohit's daughter, said to Indu, "Your mother Reeta is hte younger sister of my father, who is the third child of Sohangji". How is Sohanji relted to Indu ?
    1. Maternal-uncle
    2. Father
    3. Grandfather
    4. Fater-in-law
    5. None of these
  7. A woman introduces a man as the son of the brother of her mother. How is that man related to the woman ?
    1. Nephew
    2. Son
    3. Cousin
    4. Uncle
    5. Grandson
  8. Pointing to a girl in a photograph, a person says to his friend, "She is the grand-daughter of the elder brother of my father". How is that girl in the photograph related to the man ?
    1. Niece
    2. Sister
    3. Aunt
    4. Sister-in-law
    5. Maternal-aunt
  9. 'A x B' means that A is the sister of B, 'A + B' means that A is the daughter of B, 'A - B' means that A is the son of B. On the basis of this information, you have to tell, how is P related to S in the relationship P - Q x R + S. 
    1. Brother
    2. Son
    3. Grandson
    4. Cousin
    5. Daughter's son
  10. Pointing to a person in a photograph, Raman said, "She is the only daughter of the mother of my brother's sister". How is that person related to Raman ?
    1. Uncle
    2. Father
    3. Mother
    4. Cousin
    5. None of these

Solutions with Explanations :

  1. The only son of woman's grandfather is father of the woman. Therefore, the information in the question reads as "His brother's father (his father) is my father". Hence, woman is related as sister to that man. 
  2. Grandson of Amit's mother is the son of Amit and Son's wife is Amit's daughter-in-law. Hence, Amit is related as Father-in-law of that girl.
  3. As given information in the question, "His mother's only daughter (His sister) is my mother". Therefore, the man in the photograph is the brother of Reena's mother, as a result Reena is related as niece to that man. 
  4. Uncle of Naman's son is the brother of Naman. Hence, as given information, the son of man is brother of Naman. Therefore, the man (in the park) is related as father to Naman. 
  5. The daughter of A's grandmother is the sister of A's father and the only brother of A's father is A's father himself. Hence, A met his father. 
  6. From the information given in the question, it is concluded that Sohanji is the father of Rohit, and brother of Reeta, who is the mother of Indu. Therefore, Sohanji is the grandfather of Indu. 
  7. Brother of woman's mother is the maternal uncle of the woman and the son of maternal uncle is related as cousin to the woman. 
  8. Grand-daughter of one's uncle is related as niece to the person. 
  9. For P - Q x R + S, on the basic of the information given in the question, R is the daughter of S and Q is the sister of R. Therefore Q is also daughter of S, and P is the Son of Q, who is daughter of S. hence, P is related as daughter's son to S.
  10. The mother of Raman's brother's sister is the mother of Raman and only daughter of Raman's mother means Raman's sister. Hence, the person in the photograph is related as sister to Raman. 
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