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September 28, 2016

September 2016 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 18

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India has recently test-fired a long-range surface-to-air missile from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) base at Chandipur in Odisha. Name it ?

‘Barak-8' has been jointly developed by India and which country ?

Name the first person to run a marathon in space ?

With an altitude of up to 6,700 m (22,000 ft), ________________ at the India-Pakistan LoC, is the world's highest battlefield.

Who has been recently appointed as the CEO of UK's biggest drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline ? [With this, she became the first woman to lead a major global pharmaceutical company]

The Indian Olympic Association has sent a its largest ever contingent to the 5th Asian Beach Games starting on September 24 in Danang, Vietnam. This contingent consists of how many members ?

Who has won the Singapore Grand Prix 2016 ?

Which country finished on top of the medals' table at the Rio Paralympics with 239 medals ?

What is India's rank in Rio Paralympics medal tally 2016 ?

Name the US-based flash memory products maker, which has recently unveiled a prototype of the world's first 1 TB SD memory card ?

Odisha's first ever football referee was recently passed away. Who is he ?

The World Bank has recently appointed ______________ as its Country Director for India, replacing Onno Ruhl. 

How many gold medals did India win in Rio Paralympics 2016 ?

The 2-day National Labour Conference was recently held in which Indian city ?

Who has been recently appointed as the first woman Director of Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) ?

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