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August 28, 2016

Latest List of Modern Phobias

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Hi friends, I am Abhisshek Raut. Many of you already know the importance of List of Phobias for competitive exams. All of us already learnt the names of traditional phobias like aerophobia, zoophobia, hematophobia etc. bt now a days in competitive exams, they have been asking about the latest phobias which are related to technology like fear of opening email, fear of call centres, fear of your boss, fear of not having the remote control etc. So here I am sharing the latest list of modern
phobias. Happy Reading :)

Latest List of Modern Phobias

  • Fear of bills - Versurphobia 
  • Fear of brands - Nomenophobia 
  • Fear of growing old - Senecophobia 
  • Fear of opening email - Aperepiphobia 
  • Fear of not having the remote control - Bulliphobia 
  • Fear of failure - Cadophobia  
  • Fear of going bald - Calvophobia 
  • Fear of going grey - Canusophobia
  • Fear of politicians - Civiliphobia 
  • Fear of call centres - Coetusermophobia 
  • Fear of eye contact - Donoculophobia 
  • Fear of your boss - Duxophobia 
  • Fear of undressing - Exuerphobia 
  • Fear of using your mobile - Frigensophobia 
  • Fear of the unanswerable questions - Illergophobia 
  • Fear of being put on hold - Inanophobia 
  • Fear of parking - Insistophobia 
  • Fear of fans - Laudaphobia 
  • Fear of reality television - Magnufraterphobia 
  • Fear of texting - Verbaphobia 
  • Fear of using wrong words - Malvocophobia 
  • Fear of nothing - Nihiliphobia 
  • Fear of one's wife - Uxorphobia 
  • Fear that everyone has a better mobile than you - Obsoletophobia 
  • Fear of escalators - Scalaphobia 
  • Fear of watching something on the wrong channel - Pluracanophobia 
  • Fear of commercial television - Proscriptiophobia 
  • Fear of junk mail - Quisquiliaphobia 
  • Fear of dancing - Saltaphobia 
  • Fear of watching soaps - Sapophobia
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