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June 27, 2018

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 79

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Phulkari, the needlework art originated in which state ?

How many bishops are there in a game of chess ?

Name the Prime Minister whose birthday is observed as National Integration day.

Name the 'Land of the Midnight Sun'.

Name the first largest dome in the world.

Name the track where Golf is played.

Which is the only marsupial to be found in North America ?

Which four sports are exclusive to the Paralympics ?

In which year was the Olympic oath taken for the first time ?

Who built the Qaiser Bagh palace as soon he came to the throne ?

Which country became the 28th member of the European Union in July 2013 ?

Who is considered the architect of Modern India ?

What is the expanded form of ARPANET ?

How many balls are on a snooker table at the start of play ?

Who was called 'Mahamana' ?

Name the graphic biography, which was released on a hockey legend of India ?
Rajarajeshwari. M

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