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June 25, 2016

Today's SBI Clerks 2016 Main Exam Review & Questions Asked

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Review shared by Vishal Pathak

Hi friends, I am Vishal. Sharing the reviews of Today's SBI Clerks Main Online Exam based on my friends and Whatsapp. I have having my exam tomorrow. Wish me luck. Thank you :)

Highlights of Today's SBI Clerks Main Online Exam:
  • There is no option to switch from One Section to Another Section. After completion of one section only, you can switch to another section.
  • There were no Computer Knowledge questions
  • Current Affairs questions were very less. Main focus was on Banking and Static GK
  • Almost all sections are of moderate difficulty level. Main villain of the day is Reasoning. There were some new type of questions. 
  • Not like old Clerk exams. The difficulty level was very high. Almost similar to po. 
Some instructions (shared by Neetu Nath)
  • Verification is done more strictly this time. Dress code mentioned in the call letter was not been checked in my centre but were not allowed to wear sandals or shoe inside the exam hall.
  • Left thumb impression and photo are taken as part of registration. It is mentioned in the call letter that left thumb should not be coated with mehandi.
  • Sign should be carefully done because even if there is slight change in the sign then the selection will be cancelled.
  • In reasoning and quantitative sections choose easy questions first.

Section wise review :

Aptitude :
  • 2 Data Interpretation questions (1 was easy, 2nd was moderate)
  • 5 simplifications
  • questions from Geometry
    • Difficulty Level - Moderate
English :
  • 2 Passages
  • Cloz test
  • 2 reading comprehensions
    • Difficulty Level - Moderate
  • Seating arrangement
    • 6 persons of same family in one line
    • 12 people in 2 lines opposite to each other
  • 3 puzzles
  • No syllogism questions
    • Difficulty Level - Tough
General and Financial Awareness
  • A question on IDA headquarter
  • A question on Defense Parks
  • Kenya Capital
  • Valmiki National Park
  • Max limit of Rupee note printed by the Reserve Bank of India
  • NACH full form
  • LPG Scheme
  • Neeraj chopra related to which sport
  • KSE 100
  • ECGC full form
  • Where is the recently launched Defense Industrial park
  • Highest mountain in India
  • MCLR full form
  • Reverse Repo rate
    • Difficulty Level - Easy 
Review shared by Neethu Nath
  • No computer awareness questions asked
  • Questions from geometry in quantitative
  • No syllogism
  • English section easy
  • Exam was moderate
  • Reasoning and Quantitative sections are lengthy
  • Will send questions as now Im on my way back after exam. Hope this helps those attempting afternoon exams. 
Review shared by Vikas Paul
  • Difficulty level is very high compared to ibps/sbi clear previous year.
  • Reosoning-3 puzzles two are tough one moderate-one buliding based(5),north south(5),family sitting in circular(5).
    • inquality-moderate not as in pre(5)
    • coding- easy(5)
    • machine input-easy(5)
    • blood relation-moderte(2)
    • puzzle capacity of 6 bucket(5)
    • suffiency-(5)
    • three question based on triangle and crlcle they give circle=0 and triangle-1 then based on that they ask.
    • remaining question i did remember
  • Quant
    • quadratic-5 simple
    • suffiency-5
    • di-2 one easy one mderate
    • series-5 nt able crack single one :-(
    • 5-simplification
    • approx-20 question-based on arthemtic-some are easy some are difficult
  • GK
    • banking awareness-aprox 12
    • full forms of banking terms
    • date-28 july,headquater ida,defence park,kenya capital,israel currency,neeraj assosiated with which sport
    • some gk question asked frm jan month
  • English-easy
    • 140-150 good attempt
    • accuracy matters a lot
      Moral of the Story : Expect the unexpected

      Check the General Awareness Questions asked in today's exam from here

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