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June 25, 2016

Questions asked in Today's (25th June 2016) SBI Clerks Main Exam 2016

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Hi friends, I am Neethu Nath. Here I am sharing the General Awareness and Remaining Questions asked in today's SBI Clerks Main Online Exam. Happy Reading :)

General Awareness Questions of SBI Clerks Main Exam

  • Ahmedabad on the banks of which river?
  • Anant Geete from Raigad constituency of which state?
  • Chabbhar Port in which country?
  • Currency of Israel?
  • Defence park supposed to come at Ottapalam in which state?
  • Head office of Bank of India?
  • Highest mountain summit in India and third highest in world?
  • HPCA cricket stadium located at?
  • I in IRDF stands for?
  • International Development Head quarters?
  • July 28 which international day?
  • Kabul capital of?
  • KSE stock exchange of?
  • Largest nuclear power plant in India?
  • Loan amount given under Shishu scheme?
  • Lokpriya Gopinath Bardoli International Airport at?
  • Pinarayi Vijayan new CM of?
  • Scheme launched for LPG connections?
  • Valmiki national park at?
  • Wings of fire autobiography of?
  • Wular Lake located at?
  • CRR and SLR differ in?
  • Bond market means?
  • Reverse repo is used by RBI to?
  • Process of restructuring of debts and liabilities?
  • Buying goods from one market and selling in another market taking advantage of price difference?
Some instructions
  • Verification is done more strictly this time. Dress code mentioned in the call letter was not been checked in my centre but were not allowed to wear sandals or shoe inside the exam hall.
  • Left thumb impression and photo are taken as part of registration. It is mentioned in the call letter that left thumb should not be coated with mehandi.
  • Sign should be carefully done because even if there is slight change in the sign then the selection will be cancelled.
  • In reasoning and quantitative sections choose easy questions first.

Here is my review of the exam
  • No computer awareness questions asked
  • Questions from geometry in quantitative
  • No syllogism
  • English section easy
  • Exam was moderate
  • Reasoning and Quantitative sections are lengthy
Triangle represents 1 and circle represents 0. If triangle appears in unit's place then its value is 1. If it appears in 10's place its value is doubled to 2 like that it continues. Questions based on this.

Geometry Questions

An isosceles triangle is inscribed in a circle such that the hypotenuse lies on the diameter of the circle. Find the area of the triangle.

Find the area of shaded region in the given figure

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