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June 13, 2016

Errors in the Construction of Sentences in English - Part 5

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Dear Friends, I am Bharghav. Till yesterday, we have seen some common Grammatical Errors of English. From today, we shall see the Errors in the Construction of Sentences.  You can read Part I from here , Part 2 from herePart 3 from here and Part 4 from here. Happy Reading :)
  1. One of his family members is dead. (wrong)
    • One of the members of his family is dead. (correct)
  2. My brother's all the books have been stolen. (wrong)
    • All the books of my brother have been stolen.  (correct)
  3. For what you are here ? (wrong)
    • What are you here for ? (correct)
  4. Tell me why did you go there ? (wrong)
    • Tell me why you went there ? (correct)
  5. I, you and he will go together.  (wrong)
    • You, he and I will go together.  (correct)
  6. Exercise is good both for work as well as health.  (wrong)
    • Exercise is good for work as well as health.  (correct)
  7. To him I did a request which he did not comply.  (wrong)
    • To him I made a request with which he did not comply (correct)
  8. I cannot bear your separation.  (wrong)
    • I cannot bear separation from you. (correct)
  9. Those who are absent, I shall punish them. (wrong)
    • I shall punish those who are absent.  (correct)
  10. After doing the work, his face brightened.  (wrong)
    • After he had done the work, his face brightened.  (correct)
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