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June 14, 2016

June 2016 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 1

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World Milk Day is observed every year on ?

National Milk Day is observed on ?

The Union Cabinet recently gave its approval to India Post to set up ______________ Bank, which allows customers to transfer money or remittances using a mobile phone ?

Who recently took charge as the 1st CEO of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) ?

International Sex Workers Day is observed on ?

Switzerland has recently inaugurated the longest rail tunnel in the world. Name it ?

A Former Indian cricketer has recently gave his consent for his name to be used in Kerala's campaign against liquor and drug abuse in the state. Who is he ?

The UN Global Day of Parents is observed on ?

Pakistan has recently tightened its security on the border it shares with which country, as restrictions on the Torkham border crossing came into effect ?

India has recently gifted 2,000 bicycles to poor dalit girls of which country to encourage them to enrol in schools and enhance the literacy rate among them ?

The Karnataka government recently invoked ESMA, as 50,000 policemen in the state had threatened to go on leave on June 4. ESMA ensures the delivery of certain services including public transport and health services, which, if obstructed would affect the normal life of the people. Expand ESMA ?

Name the Bollywood Actor who has become the goodwill ambassador of LEPRA India organization (also known as the Lepra Society) that fight against diseases like leprosy and tuberculosis ?

A 31-year-old Indian woman author in Singapore has won the ‘Scholastic Asian Book Award‘ for her manuscript "Codex: The Lost Treasure Of The Indus". Name her ?

Indian and Morocco recently launched IMCCI, which is aimed at accelerating the pace of economic development between the two nations. Expand it ?

The 4 Month disclosure window for domestic taxpayers to declare undisclosed income or assets was recently opened. This move would allow taxpayers to clear past tax transgressions by paying a total of ___________% of the undisclosed income.

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