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June 14, 2016

Errors in the Construction of Sentences in English - Part 6

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Dear Friends, I am Bharghav. Here I am sharing my next post on the Errors in the Construction of Sentences.  You can read Part I from here , Part 2 from herePart 3 from here , Part 4 from here and Part 5 from here.  Happy Reading :)

  • We shall be glad to get your good news.  (wrong)
    • We shall be glad to get good news from you.  (correct)
  • I feel myself feverish. (wrong)
    •  I feel feverish. (correct)
  • You have no excuse to be forgetful.  (wrong)
    • You have no excuse for being forgetful. (correct)
  • Are your work busy ? (wrong)
    • Do you have a busy job ? (correct)
  • I am going to a picnic.  (wrong)
    • I am going on a picnic.  (correct)
  • I am a bit in a hurry.  (wrong)
    • I am in a bit of a hurry.  (correct)
  • I'll date her out this Saturday. (wrong)
    • I'll take her out on a date this Saturday. (correct)
  • If one day I am good in English, I would definitely admit it. (wrong)
    • If someday I am good at English, I will definitely admit to it. (correct)
  • How do you think to learn the English ? (wrong)
    • What is your purpose of learning English ? (correct)
  • I am difficult to learn English. (wrong)
    • It is difficult for me to learn English. (correct)
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