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June 19, 2016

Common Errors in English Usage for Competitive Exams with Explanations - Part 11

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Friends, here is the 11th set of Common Errors in English Usage with explanations (Articles). From tomorrow's lesson, we shall see some common errors in Tenses. Happy Reading :)
    • My uncle has been made honorary member.  (wrong)
    • My uncle has been made an honorary member.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Member is a countable noun and needs an indefinite article. Since the consonant (h) is not pronounced, the word honorable begins with a vowel sound and needs an.
    • French live in France.  (wrong)
    • Explanation : The French live in France.   (correct)
      • The generic expression 'French' (people of France) must be preceded by 'the'.
    • This is best dress available.  (wrong)
    • This is the best dress available.   (correct)
      • Explanation : The superlative expression 'best' is preceded by 'the'.
    • She is a honest student.  (wrong)
    • She is an honest student.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Since (h) is not pronounced, the word honest begins with a vowel and needs 'an'.
    • The man is a social animal.  (wrong)
    • Man is a social animal.  (correct)
      • Explanation : When man (singular) refers to human beings in general, it does not need a definite article. The man refers to 'a group or person in authority'.
    • Rich should help poor. (wrong)
    • The rich should help the poor.   (correct)
      • Explanation : When an adjective is used as a noun, it becomes a generic expression and needs  'the'.
    • The man is mortal. (wrong)
    • Man is mortal.   (correct)
      • Explanation : As in (5) 
    • We wanted a M.A. in English for this job.  (wrong)
    • We wanted an M.A. in English for this job.   (correct)
      • Explanation : As the initial sound of M (em) is a vowel, we use 'an' before M.A.
    • It is a interesting serial.  (wrong)
    • It is an interesting serial.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Interesting begins with a vowel sound and needs 'an'.
    • He is man of small words.  (wrong)
    • He is a man of few words.   (correct)
      • Explanation : We are talking about a specific man (and not man in general), hence we used 'a'.
    • We are studying the German.  (wrong)
    • We are studying German.   (correct)
      • Explanation : When we use German as a specific language, it becomes a proper name and needs no article. 
    • Where there is a life there is a hope.  (wrong)
    • Where there is life there is hope.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Life in general is a mass noun and needs no article. 
    • Why are you making such noise ? (wrong)
    • Why are you making such a noise ?  (correct)
      • Explanation : Noise, as a countable noun, needs an indefinite article. When used as a mass noun (in the sense of random fluctuation of sound) it needs no definite article. 
    • One must always speak truth.  (wrong)
    • One must always speak the truth.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Truth, when used as a mass, needs no article; it means the quality of being true. When it is used in the sense of 'that which is true or real', we say the truth. 
    • We reached airport on time.  (wrong)
    • We reached the airport on time.   (correct)
      • Explanation : As we are talking about a definite airport, we need 'the' before it. 
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