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May 07, 2016

Syndicate Bank Manipal PO Interview Experience 2016

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Name - Sumit Subhash Bhandarwar

From - Kinwat (Nanded, Maharashtra)

Interview Date and Time - 06/05/16 9:30 A.M

Place - Mumbai

Document verification done in 15 minutes..
I was first in the panel..

I was little bit nervous but enthusiast is well..

Here comes my turn i knocked the door and asked 'may i come in'.
They allowed me..
There were 6 members in the panel.
1 Madam and 5 sirs..
Before sitting on the chair i wished firstly to madam and then to all others..
They also wished me said to sit..
M3-So Mr.Sumit introduce yourself.
Me-Introduced myself by looking at every member of the panel.
M3-From where r u..
M2- What u you know about Syndicate bank.
Me-Told founders,Few awards that bank got last years,A branches etc..

M4- Where you have completed your education.
M4-Nanded is famous for one thing what is that..
(I was known that he was expecting Answer as Gurudwar from me but..)
Me-On the bank of the godavari river There is dam named Shankar sagar near nanded and it is biggest
Lift irrigation of Asia continent.
M4-Ok good..for any other reason
Me-Yes sir for Gurudwar is well..Peoples comes to watch the beauty of it from the whole world.

F-In which bank you have bank a/c
(Madam asked few basic questions like difference between debit n credit card,cheque book)

(M1 was just an obsrever)

M5-What is kyc why it is needed
Me-Told(I wasnt wrong but he was not satisfied with my answer He proceded the Main purpose as like Avoiding money loundering)

 M3-What is Aadhar card why it was neccesary
Me-Tried to tell
M3-What is Uidai
M3-Who is your Idol in your life
Me-My father is my idol
Me-(Told reasons n i think he was well satisfied)
M5-You have completed your gardution in 2014 what you have yet now
Me-Sir i have done part time job for 7-8 months n since then i have been preparing for the banking exams..

They looked to each other wished me best luck
I also wished them thank u mam thank you sirs..
Said Have a good day n left the room..

It was around 8-9 minutes..

This is my first po interview
as n i have shared it i dont know how is it..
There might be lot of mistakes in it..
thank you...!!

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