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May 06, 2016

Interview Experience of LIC AAO

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Name : Naresh Mediboina

Interview : LIC AAO

Cat : OBC

Venue : Hyderabad

Date n Time : 05 May 16, 0930 hrs.

Hi Friends.....

I am Naresh Mediboina, an ex serviceman. I have completed MBA in retail management through dist education. This is my experience of interview for AAO at LIC Zonal Office.

Doc verification hardly took ten min. Staff was very cooperative. There were 13 candidates for morning shift. One had not turned up. Mine was 9th in 13 cand list. My doc verification completed at 10.30. Interview started at 1215.

Coming to interview... Panel of 3 Males all in 50s. M1 was the panel chairman sitting at the centre. After all greeting formalities.....

1. M1- Tell us something that is not there in this biodata. This qst was asked to all and will be asked to everyone. Be ready. (all hyderabad candidates)

2. M1 - HR qstns - When do u get angry?. When do u get happy? Hw will u handle inobidient subordinate staff in lic? Why should we select u and hw wil ur service xprnce will b helpful in LIC? Having worked in defence hw will u interact with cust as an lic aao? And some cross qstn on these qstns. He finallly asked What is India's GDP, projected and last year's actual.

3. M2 then askd qstn abt retail mngmt. Ecommerce. Y r nt they making profits. How do they differ frm shops. Wht r ur views on thier businesd model. How r they making profits if any etc all on retail.

4. In between M1 interrupted to ask HR qstns abt retail viz handling salesman supervisors etc

5. Then M3 first asked about my village nd asked about very small villages around it by name. He then asked how are the discounts in big bazaar. Y do they fake disc by increasing price and then giving disc. A lot of time was spent on this on this. Finally he asked me about Kishore Biyani. I heard of him but could not recollect. So I admitted that.

Then they said thats all and asked if i had any qstns. I first said no. I thanked them all. But while leaving they said ur results will come in 1st week of jun.

And then I asked when will the selected candidates be asked to join the organisation. They said ' You will get enough time. May be end july or mid aug' Thats all I again thanked them and left.

Interview duration was approx 15 min. Some candidates were interviewed for 10 min and some 25 min.

They askd other candidates who were pure core engnrs qstns abt RAW, ISI, SAARC, ISRO, ADB, American Elections, Climate Change, Mallya etc. Mostly  qstns were not repeated. Hope this will be helpful for candidates. Especially for Hyderabad interviewees.  Thank u. ATB.
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