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May 27, 2016

Important Idioms and their Meanings for Competitive Exams - Set 2

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Dear friends, thank you so much for the wonderful response to my yesterday's post on Important Idioms and their Meanings. Here I am sharing the Set 2. Happy Reading :)

Idioms related to Come

  • How did it come about that you went to live in Nagpur ? (happen)
  • I came across this book quite by chance (found, discovered)
  • How did you come by this diamond ring ? (acquired)  
  • The price of flour has come down a lot (fallen)
  • He came into a fortune when his uncle died (inherited)
  • This book will come in useful (prove useful)
  • The magazine comes out every Friday (appears)
  • He split ink on his coat and the stain wouldn't come out (disappear)
  • He came round quickly after the anesthesia (returned to consciousness
  • How much does the bill come to ? (total)
  • The question of higher wages will certainly come up (be raised)
  • Your work has not come up to standard (reached the required standard)

Idioms related to Cut

  • We really must cut down our expenses (reduce)
  • He keeps cutting in when I'm talking (interrupting)
  • His parents cut him off with a shilling (disinherited)
  • He loves the sea and seems cut out for a sailor (fitted, suited to be)
  • The author cut out all the long words from his book (removed)
  • Please cut up the meat for the children (cut into small pieces)
  • He was very cut up about his son's accident (distressed - always passive)

Idioms related to Do

  • Why don't they do away with all passports (abolish) ?
  • He has a good woman to do for him (do cleaning and cooking for him)
  • She does out his room thoroughly (clears)
  • I could do with a drink (would like)
  • This house needs doing up (repairing and decorating)
  • Do up your shoelace (tie)

Idioms related to Draw

  • Autumn is drawing near (approaching)
  • He drew out a gun (took from his pocket)
  • Life in the Navy will draw him out (give him a chance to show his real character)
  • The car drew up outside our house (stopped)
  • The police drew up a list of suspects (made, compiled)
Shared by Bhargav Gupta Yechuri
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