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May 26, 2016

Important Idioms and their Meanings for Competitive Exams - Set 1

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Hi Friends, I am Bhargav Gupta from Telangana. One of the ardent readers of Gr8AmbitionZ. First of all I want to thank the admin and other members for sharing valuable knowledge and materials for competitive exam. This website helped me to settle myself as a Probationary Officer in Vijaya Bank. Now I want to show my gratitude by sharing some tips for upcoming competitive exam aspirants. From today onwards, I will be sharing important Idioms along with their meanings. For the sake of easy understanding and to avoid confusion, here I grouped the idioms which are similar in words. Hope my effort will help you for your preparation. Please use the comments section below to share your views and suggestions. Happy Reading :)

Idioms related to Break

  • The car broke down (stopped because of a mechanical defect)
  • My sister broke down when she heard the bad news (collapsed)
  • He knows how to break in horses (train, discipline)
  • Yesterday burglars broke into their house (forced an entry)
  • A revolution has broken out (begun)
  • The school breaks up on Thrusday (closes for the vacation)

Idioms related to Bring

  • This story brought home to me the seriousness of the situation (made me realize)
  • You must bring back that book (return)
  • She fainted, but we brought her round with some fruit juice (revived)
  • She has brought up her children very well (reared and educated)
    • Reared meaning - bring up and care for (a child) until they are fully grown
  • His wonderful speech brought the house down (received great applause)

Idioms related to Call

  • Please call in a doctor at once (ask a doctor to come)
  • This calls for immediate action (demands, requires)
  • Shall I call for you at six o' clock (come to collect) ?
  • He called on her this morning (visited)

Idioms related to Clear 

  • After breakfast she cleared away (removed dishes etc. from the table)
  • Clear off! I've had enough of you (go away) - [used in ordinary or familiar conversation; not formal or literary]
  • They cleared out without paying their rent (departed)
  • Please clear up your bedroom (make it tidy)
    • Tidy meaning - to arranged neatly in order
  • The weather has cleared up at last (brightened)
  • The lecturer cleared up several points (elucidated, made clear)
Shared by Bhargav Gupta Yechuri
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