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March 20, 2016

IBPS Law Officers Interview Experience

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Name : Sid

Post Applied for : Law Officer

Venue : Panchkula

Panel : 3 

Interview Date : 18 march 2016

My interview was at 1 pm,i reached there early at 11 am.first at biometric but 3 last in document verifying dont knw y? interviews was of 10-15 minutes for all....but as the eveng approches hey curtailed it.mine turn was on 4.45 pm .it lasts 5 minute
member 7 one lady
she didnt ask anybdy anything..may b she was the psycolgst ''all other seems law officer which they may not b,
  • Compnay law-marshall {which i absolutely hav no idea}
  • mortgage-nailed it
  • R.T.I-how effective
  • one situation based on rti;very simple
  • hypothcation
Thats all i remebr
really they r o so much hurry day didnt ask my name or anything ....they said aaiye sid g and fired question///////supportive staff....mja a gaya

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