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March 20, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 16th March 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 16th March 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "Mutual benefit in an unnatural alliance"

  • Alliance - a union or association formed for mutual benefit
  • Reversal - a change to an opposite direction
  • Nothing short of something - almost (or equal to) something
  • Stakeholder - a ​person who own a ​share in a ​business
  • Ideological - shared ideas or beliefs
  • Opponent - someone who competes with or opposes another in a contest, game, or argument
  • Strongholds - a position that is ​strongly ​defended
  • Keen - having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm
  • Wrest - forcibly pull something from somebody
  • Align - give support to somebody
  • Nuance - a very ​small ​difference
  • Perceive - become aware or conscious of (something) / come to realize or understand
  • Elaborate - detailed
  • Circumstance - a ​fact or ​event that makes a ​situation the way it is
  • Cogent -  clear, logical, and convincing
  • Slightly - to a small degree / not considerably
  • Coherent - logical and clear
  • Disparate - different in every way
  • Recourse - a source of help in a difficult situation
  • Dilemma - a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives
  • Ceded - to ​allow someone ​else to have or own something (especially ​unwillingly or because you are ​forced to do so)
  • Coalition - the ​joining together of different ​political ​parties or ​groups for a ​particular ​purpose
  • Rivals - people ​competing with ​eachother for the same thing or in the same ​area
  • Distinct - different in nature from something else of a similar type
  • Patronage - the ​support given to an ​organization by someone
  • Capitalise - take the chance to gain advantage from something
  • Electorate - all the ​people who are ​allowed to ​vote
  • Acquisition - the ​process of getting something
  • Controversies - a lot of ​disagreement or ​argument about something
  • Sting in the tail - an unexpected / unpleasant / problematic end to something
  • Rendering - the way that something is ​performed
  • Referendum - a ​vote in which all the ​people of an ​area are ​asked to give ​their ​opinion about an ​important ​political or ​social ​question
  • Tenure - the ​right to ​remain ​permanently in a ​job

Topic 2 : "An opportunity for peace in Syria"

  • Troops - soldiers or armed forces
  • Annexation - to take ​control of an ​area of ​land or a ​country, usually by ​force or without ​permission
  • See something coming - to ​expect something to ​happen
  • Accomplished - highly trained or skilled in a particular activity
  • Rhetorical - ​intended to ​seem ​important or ​influence ​people
  • Rationale - the ​reasons that ​cause a ​particular set of ​beliefs or ​actions
  • Intervention - the ​act of ​becoming ​involved ​intentionally in a ​difficult ​situation
  • Irrevocably - something that is done in such a way that it cannot be undone
  • Campaign - a series of military operations intended to achieve a goal
  • Regime - a system or ordered way of doing things
  • Fragile - not strong / delicate
  • Setback - something that ​happens that ​delays or ​prevents a ​process from ​developing
  • Acknowledged - ​accepted
  • Rebel -  a ​person who does not like ​rules or ​authority, and ​shows this by ​behaving ​differently from most ​people in ​society
  • Disrupted - interrupt something by causing a disturbance or problem
  • Conflict - a serious disagreement or argument
  • Prospect - the possibility of some future event occurring
  • Doomed - likely to have an unfortunate outcome / sure to ​fail
  • Ceasefire - a temporary suspension of fighting
  • Enormous - very large in size
  • Protracted - lasting for a long time / longer than expected
  • Deserting - to ​leave a place without ​help or in a ​difficult ​situation and not come back
  • Deploy - move (troops) into position for military action
  • Momentum - force
  • Crisis - a time of intense difficulty or danger
  • Consistent - always ​behaving or ​happening in a ​positive way
  • Advent - the ​fact of an ​event ​happening
  • Insisting - demanding something forcefully
  • Concern - worry
  • Retaining - continue to have (something)
  • Core - main part of something
  • Vital - absolutely necessary / important
  • Backer - a person / organization / country that supports someone or something (especially financially)
  • Gesture - an ​action that ​expresses ​your ​feelings or ​intentions
  • Reconciliation - the restoration of friendly relations

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