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January 24, 2016

PO Interview Experience - Vignesh K (Chennai)

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Name : Vignesh K

Qualification  : BE mechanical (2014 Passed)

Category : OBC


Date : 22/01/2016

Panel : 1

I went to venue at 8.25 Am. Probably just on time. Biometric had started just then at 8.40 Am. (Finish biometric and then they will verify ur fingerprint and sign in a paper as verified. Then go for document verification). Then document verified at 9.20 am. Was waiting for my turn as i was 16th. My turn came and i went in

4 Members (3m 1 f)
wished them and entered
tey wished in turn
m1: so tell abt urself?
me: Expalined
m1: asked abt my previous job, parents job and siblings(followed by some humorous exchanges on my family backgrnd. Overall friendly nature. Which helped me to cool)
m1:why banking after be mech?
me:IT Recession came to production field wen i passed out so less intakes and iam from tier-3 College so no core jobs. That time our family frnd who also be mech and working in IOB said abt IBPS and to try the same.
m1then turned to M2.
m2: tell me about jan dan yojana ?
me: explained lucidly in detail and also said about new updates on 90days of active operation to claim accidental insurance(he was like Ok)
m3:what is cybercrime?
me: posting offensive pics of people on net and also making fraud activities by others bank accounts through internet banking.
Then m3: types of risk?
me:credit, operational, market(and went to explain more he said ok ok)
then m3: what is priority sector lending?
m3:how banks help agriculture?
me: Giving loans for harvesting, irrigation, cattle and crop insurance and kissan credit card
lastly he turned to F1
f1: tell me about balance sheet?
me:it is a tool used in organizations to calculate their assets and liabilites.
f1: assets come in right side or left side?
me:i said i dont know mam(only question i couldnt tell)
and they were looking along themselves
m1: ok vignesh. Thank you.
Me: thank u madam and thank u sirs.

thats all guyz. Be bold. Dnt be scared or ashamed of not knowing a ans. Smile well and say sorry sir i dont remember at the moment. Ur attitude can save u. All the best all.

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