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January 20, 2016

Interview Experience of IBPS PO V dated 20 Jan 2016 - Yesaswi (Visakhapatnam)

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I attended interview of IBPS PO V on 20th January 2016

Name : Yesaswi. Ch

Place : Andhra Bank, Visakhapatnam

Education: B.Tech- Mech and MBA - marketing

Work Experience : 1 and half yrs in HCL Technologies

Duration of the Interview : 10 Min

My obc certificate was slightly in different format compared to the one given by IBPS, but is a central format and contains more resolutions included. i had to convince the person that MRO gave only one certificate and he is giving in central format only.

there were total of 6 people on the panel including one lady.

after wishing everyone, particularly the lady, i sat down.

they didn't ask the usual why banking after b tech , MBA etc. they just asked 'are u interested in banking' and i said yes. they asked if i was married and i said yes.

they asked mostly on my mba in marketing field. some questions are:
  1. What is marketing ?
  2. Market segmentation and customer segmentation, how u will use in banking
  3. B to B and B to C, what are they and what is the difference(asked in detail)
  4. B to B is Business to business and B to C is business to customer selling.
  5. Difference between marketing and selling
  6. BCG matrix and how it is used in banking
At last mam asked to tell me something about Noida ( I studied and worked in Noida)- told something but not much.
She asked me if any financial related aspect in Noida- i said i am not aware( as thee are no financial headquarters in noida as far as i remember)

this is my brief experience, hope it helps someone.

thank you

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