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January 23, 2016

Interview Experience IBPS PO HYDERABAD

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NAME : Moonya. K

PLACE : Hyderabad

Panel : 2 Andhra Bank Saifabad 

Time : 8:30AM

There are 5 members 4 are males and one female. Here are the questions they've asked
  1. So u'r mr moonya
  2. From which place u come
  3. About graduation
  4. Tell something about u'r district
  5. After way banking
  6. You are from communication background can i ask question in chemistry
  7. Tell some thing about wifi
  8. Function of rbi
  9. Difference bettween cheque and dd
  10. What u have doing after completion of your graduation
  11. So u'r selected in apgvb
  12. When u'r joining date
  13. Will you work in rajasthan
  14. Function of rrb
  15. Any rrb in your area and sponser bank
  16. Difference between public sector bank and private sector bank
  17. Are you joined any coaching center
  18. About jandhan yojana
ok you can leave now

I said thank you sirs and thank you mam and Left.

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