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January 31, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Shrikant (Pune)

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Name : Shrikant

Interview Venue : Bank Of Maharashtra, Pune

Panel : 2 (4 M, 1F)

M1- tell me about urself and work experience(as i have experince as an IT engineer)
M2- how u can be useful for our banking ?
Me- i just started my technical ans, like info security ,database handling n all...he interrupted
M2- frget that ,for that we have technical advisers n technicians,we want to increase our bank branches and ecpansion of our business, how will u do that

Me- told about kiosk banking,co-operative societies corruption,so psb have scope over there,local language kiosks an all
M2- good..(seems satisfied)

F1- If i want some housing loan then what will u check??
Me-- sal statement, if u r interpreneur then will check ur project scope, projected balance sheet

F1 - if i want 10 lakh loan ,then will u give me full 10 lakh
Me- no mam, will cut down sm amount
F1-what is window thn

Me- 70--80%
F1-why u will cut that amount ??
Me-- i have gone through that mam but i dont remember right now but banks cant sanction full amount.

M3--Ok if u get invitation for lecture on education loan ...what will u tell them...tell me in 2 mins.
Me- told

M4- What is national anthem and national song...tell me difference between them, and when they were adopted ??

Me- told
M1- ok ..thank you....all d best
Me- wished them

All n all gud interview ..hope for the best.
They r just checking ur confidence,decision making ability and management skills confident all d best.

Thank u gr8ambitionzz

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