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January 23, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Sachin (Pune)

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Name : Sachin Budhawant

Qualification : BE E&TC

Date & time : 23/01/16 @ 8.30am

Venue : Bank of Maharashtra Staff college, Pune
I was last in my panel with 23 number.. Went inside for PI @ 1.03pm, came out @ 1.10pm.
Entered the room with pleasant smile. Wished—Gm Sirs, Gm mam..  All- Gm Gm.. 
M3- Please have seat. Me- Thank You Sir & took the seat.
M3- So tell me about yourself.
Me- Sir, myself Sachin. Iam basically from Ahmednagar but m staying here in Pune since 9 yrs with my family. I have 4 members in my family including myself. My father is currently STI & has served IAF for 20yrs. My mother is a housewife. My bro is currently serving Indian Navy & posted @ Port Blair. I did my 10th from JNV, 12th from KV and pursued my graduation in Elex & Telecomm Engg.
I also have a Work Exp of 14 months as a tutor @ XYZ institute. I would like to pursue Banking as a long term career for next 30-40 yrs.
M3- So u also decided the tenure(all laughing)? Very good.
Me- Smiling alongwith them.

M2- Sachin plz tell me about Skill Devp initiatives taken by current govt & how these initiatives are diff compared to prev initiatives.?
Me- Sir, recently our PM unveiled “Start Up India, Start Up India”, wch provides incentives to young entrepreneurs to explore opportunities thru SETU & AIM..
SETU aims for Self Employment alongwith devp of schemes of an individual. It gives a push to startups wch aim to make use of technology. AIM aims for innovation hubs with expertise to guide such young talent.(WRRONG—M2 asked abt skill devp and I mixed it with entrepreneurship programs..)
.. So M2 not satisfied, he asked, is it skill devp??
Me—Sorry Sir not exactly, actually skill devp initiatives focus mainly on providing vocational training for 10+2/Diploma holders from poor background in various sectors.. For example tourism guide, technical training to diploma holders.. they also provide regular stipends while giving such trainings..
M2 almost satisfied..

M3: What are your hobbies?
Me- Listening songs & trekking
M3: So where u hav been recently for trekking?
Me—Kailasgad, in Tamhini area, 25 kms away from Mulshi Dam
Here on, the interview was in Marathi language.. But m posting here in English for all readers
M3: Where is Harishchandragad located?
Me—Sry sir, I don’t know, but its 170 kms away from Pune.

M5: Where u belong to in Ahmednagar?
Me—Nimbe Nandur Village, Shevgaon Taluka
M5: Whats famous in Shevgaon?
Me—Cotton crop farming, Paithan near from shevgaon..
M5: tell some interesting tourist places from Ahmednagar?
Me: Shirdi, Mohta Devi Temple, Meher Baba, Chand Biwi Mahal, Dongargan
M5: Any controversial place recently?
Me—Shani Shingnapur.. All smiling.. 

M4: TO give educational loan to some student, what things you will see?
Me—Sir, his academic performance in past..
M4: What else?
Me—Sir, some one will be required to act as guarantor for him..
M4: What else?
Me—Sir, I know only this much..
M4: Explained how his family income will also be considered.. and the stream for wch he/she is opting(whether there’s enough scope for him/her to get a good job in future?)
Me—Okay Sir, Right Sir, Right Sir.. 
M4—Now tell me, if there is a student who is studious but his family income condition very poor, will u proceed to approve his loan?
Me—Yes Sir..

M5: 8-10 days ago, PM Modi travelled NE India, in 1 state he praised the state for its awesome initiatives for a particular sector, & the state has bcum 1st of its kind in India in that sector.. Could u tell whats that sector & state name?
Me—Sir, Organic Farming, Sikkim.. it has bcum 1st State with 100% Organic Farming
M5: I asked u bcoz u have written here in biodata form that u had attended State Level Camp on Organic Farming in Extracurricular section
Me—Yes Sir, it was a great opportunity given to me by Pune University
M5: Okay good.. Smiling.. 
Finally all nodded that they r done.. M3: Okay Sachin, u may go.. All the best..
M1(Lady, finally spoke): Happy bday in Advance.. 24th jan is my bday so..
Me—Oh thanks a lot mam.. all others wished the same.. Me—Thank you so much Sir..

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