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January 23, 2016

IBPS PO Interview Experience - Basavaraj

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Name : Basavraj Kulali    

Native Place : Athani, Belgaum Dist,  Karnataka

Education : B.E M.Tech

Category : General

Interview Date : 23-01-2016 

Interview Venue : Bangalore 
Reporting time was 8.30 am, I reached the venue at 8am. There were total 21 candidates. Document verification started at 8.50 am. They verified all the documents, mainly Date of Birth and Year of passing and many other things. Within 5 minutes my document verification completed and we were told to sit wait in a hall.
It was 9.30, interview started. I am at 6th number. My number came at 10.45.
I slowly opened the door, And said “May I come in sir”.
Panel : Yes, Please come in.
I : Thank you
I saw, there are four male members and one women member in a panel (M1, M2, M3, M4, F5)
I : Good morning madam, Good morning sirs
M3 : Very good morning, have a seat.
I : Thank you sir
M3 : I Just saw your signature on application. It is something different !
I : Yes sir ! It is in Kannada. I sign in Kannada.
M3 : Why like that ? You love Kannada that much ?
I : Yes sir
M3 : Ok, Introduce yourself
M3 : Sir, My name is Basavraj Kulali, I am from Athani of Belgaum district. I have done B.E in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Basaveshwar Engineering college Bagalkot. Later I worked as Web Interface developer in a  MNC Bangalore for two years, After that I pursued  M.Tech with specialization in computer networks from VTU PG Center Belgaum and After M.Tech, I worked as Assistant professor in DKTE institute of Engineering at Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra.
Later I told about my family and hobbies like writing articles to News papers etc
F5 : In which language you write articles and on which subjects :
I : I write articles in Kannada and my subjects are National security, Culture and politics etc
F5 : How many people have got Jnaanapeeth award in Kannada and tell us the name
I : Total 8 jnaanapeeth awards for Kannada. Kuvempu, D R Bendre, Maasthi, V K Gokak, Girish Karnad, U R Ananthmurthy, Shivaram Karant, Chandrashekar Kambar
M1 : What is NPA :
I : Non-performing assets
M1 : Explain NPA
I : When due payments in credit facilities remain overdue above a specified period, then such credit facilities are classified as NPA.
M1 : What is a bank :
I : Bank is a lawful organization, which accepts deposits that can be withdrawn on demand. It also lends money to individuals and business houses that need it.
M4 : You have done Engineering in Electronics ?
I : Yes sir
M4 : Why digital communication is preferred over analog communication
I : Noise interference is less, added security, Digital signals can be saved and later retrieved, Error correction and detection techniques can be implemented easily .
M2 : Why you left teaching profession ?
I :Sir, I thought teaching is not creative job, So I left
M2 : What ? Teaching is not creative job? Oh my God ! Which subjects you handled ?
I : Sir, Linear Integrated circuits, Satellite communication, Industrial management and Operations research.
M2 : Why you joined college in Maharashtra ?
I : Sir, Maharashtra is near to my town. Ichalkaranji is about 60KM from my town. So I attended interview and got selected so joined.
M2 : Tell us anything about Ichalkaranji city
I : Sir, Ichalkaranji is a big city having more than 4 Lakh population. It is one among cities having high per capita income. Loom industry is world famous.
M2 : Ok
M3 : India Recently launched one satellite. What is the purpose of that satellite ?
I : I don’t remember the name of satellite. But it is for creating our on GPS System.
F5 : What is Recession ?
I : Its rise in prices of goods and services …..
F5 : Wrong….
I : Sorry madam, I am not able recall
M1 : At what stage of opening of bank account is the checking of politically exposed persons carried out?
I : I Don’t know sir
M3 : Ok, thank you Basavraj, All the best. Take a chocolate and Good day
I : Thank you sirs and madam, Good day

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1 comment:

  1. What a waste of resources. BE(Electronics) and MTech. MNC job and Teacher job. And you claim teaching ain't a creativity job. Dude, wake up. You are wasting your talent in Govt. sector. People like you can change our teaching system, using technology ew can make teaching an ambitious career for the coming generations.

    Good luck


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