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January 30, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Suryakant (Ludhiana)

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Name :- Suryakant Kumar
Interview Date :- 28 January 2016
Interview Venue :- 

Qualification :- B.Sc Chemistry Honours

I m coming right on point. interview panel consists 4 male and 1 female
I entered the room with soft knock and permission followed by greetings and thanx for offering seat
M1- where r u from?
me- bihar but living in phagwara
m1- who is chief minister of bihar
me- nitish kumar
m1- name three ex railway minister who r from bihar
me- nitish kumar, ram vilash paswan and lalu prasad yadav
m1- very good
m2- what is banking? explain full and deeply
me- i started with traditional banking and continued with modern banking with some product examples like banccasurance net banking etc.
m2- interrupted me and told good its sufficient we will come to this after some time, tell me what is strength of banking.
me- i explained with relation of rbi policies and recession survived by banks and relate also with willpower of employees as my brother is manager in canara bank.
m1- asked about my brothers post and designation
m2- now tell me what were u telling about the products.
me- explained.
m2- what r the drawbacks of net banking
me- cyber crime, a termed used as phishing and explained the phishing
m2- very good
m1- what is headache of banking
me- NPA
m3- explain NPA
me- any asset which is not performing for 90 days or more
m3- not performing?
me- that means not generating income
m3- okokok... what type of assets comes under NPA
me- three types of assets, sub standard, doubtful and loss assets.
m3- very good, well done. how can NPA be reduced?
me- if NPA is under sub standard category that means 90 days to 12 months then personal follow up by bank employees and counselling them will helpful after that if NPA goes into doubtful  category after 12 months then SARFAESI act is there for bank.
m3- wow good, u r accurate and exact in giving answers.
m2- what is lead bank?
me- i explained with 1969 financial inclusion where lead banks acquire some area for financial inclusion, but they wanted to listen more (perhaps about consortium loan leader bank) but i said politely sorry sir i dont know extra about this.
m2- leave it, its enough u r smartly giving the answers and we r happy.
m4- what is rti activist
me- smiled (as i m also an rti activist) i explained well and added my example also
m4- ok now one last question, if u dont give this answer then be comfortable u will be excused because we all r happy with your answers. who receives the application of rti when we file it
me- sorry sir i filed online rti so dont know
m4- try beta u can answer it i know
me- sir i know that there is a special officer for this purpose and exactly couldnt remember the designation, it starts with something with C.
m4- yes u r going in right direction its CPIO.
finally they said very good u can go now with a smile. i left the room with thanx and greetings.

Note - whole interview was in hindi and during the whole interview they were continuously praising me with good, very good, well done.duration was almost fof 5 whole interview questions was like rapid fire round. now hope for the best.

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