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January 28, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience from Trivandrum

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Name - Athena

Interview Venue - Canara Bank , Trivandrum
Interview Date - 23/1/16
Time - 8:30
I reached the centre at 8:20 and At 8:30 we were asked to goto the verification centre.

Luckily I was called Around 9am for verification.All the procedures went smooth, they were very strict about the date of passing(Should be earlier than the specified date).

Called for interview at 10:15

Personal questions:
About the 1st two banks I opted for
(My 1st option was ECGC ,asked Why you want to join in Ecgc,and some counter questions )
Why all these people are trying for Banking career instead of It or core sector(Since Im Btech)
Asked my opinion about bank coaching centers:)
What makes you special from others?
Are you ready to work anywhere in India? (Some counter questions)

Only one static question was asked
Which are the Western ports in India?
Ans: Mundra port,Gujarat
        Kochi port kerala
        Visakhapatnam Port, Andhra Pradesh
        Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
        Kandla Port, Gujarat

Banking field:
Which bank You have account
(I said SBT so they asked me the names of associate banks)
Savings and Current account difference
Sovergin gold scheme
Insurance schemes by PM-Explain
What is meant by 'Nomination'
The answers to the banking questions are direct.So I dnt think that any explanation is needed.

No current affairs and no situational questions.

Interview was a long one look about 15-20mints...But good one.... :)

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