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January 30, 2016

IBPS PO 5 Interview Experience - Pankaj (Chandigarh)

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Name : Pankaj Goyal 

From : Barnala, Punjab
IBPS PO-5 Interview venue :  PNB LDMO, 17-B Chandigarh

Panel : 2

Timing : 1 PM
I reached well on time at 12:30 PM, Document verification done at 12:45 PM after that they told us to wait till 2 PM for the 2nd round of interviews to begin.

my turn was 2nd in the slot. I was quite nervous, but somehow managed to calm myself.
I entered at 2:20 PM asked permission to get inside, What i could see was 4 M and 1 F member in the panel. I wished them "gud after noon sirs & gud afternoon mam". they reciprocated and asked me to have a seat.
M2 from among M1, F1, M2 (may be the chief), M3, M4. So hey sushant, (the member prior to me, who was absent) I said Sir, I am Pankaj Goyal. I Think Sushant is absent. F1 said yea, he (may be the helper) has  told us.
M2: ohk ohk So, Pankaj Ji introduce urself.
Me: introduced, (F1 interrupted why all the guys come and say "I belong to... have you you all taken notes from same place" a bit humorous moment. then M2 told me to continue please)
M2: Why Banking?
Me:  I said as prepared, most disciplined, and organised sector to work in. Moreover better career growth. (couldn't tell more points as they were not willing to hear more)
M2: What does a bank do?
ME: I said the bank provides/ fasilitates the flow of funds from surplus sector to the deficit sector. they were quite convinced. no cross questioned.
M1: on saying banking as the healthiest, most disciplined and organised sector to work in, asked - "Beta recently in news, it was said there is rising stress level among bank employees" why so.?
Me: I just told ki sir that may due to the pressure by the govt. to boost financial inclusion.
Then he asked what other problems banks are facing nowadays- I said:- Rising NPAs and the implementation of basel-3. (on basel-3 point they were quite satisfied, as if they were expecting only that). He was willing to ask me more on BASEL-3 but M4 interrupted.
M3: What is router?
Me: so sir I am not able to recall exact words to explain, but it is used in wireless networking/ communication purposes.
M3: what is difference between switch and a router?
Me: sir a router can be made to function as a switch but a switch can not function as a router, as can not be configured.
M2: can we use mobile phones as router? How?
Me: Sir, yes, making a mobile phone to work as a wifi hotspot, it works as a router.
M4: What is Silo? (relating to my work experience in warehousing sector, as i told in intro)
Me: Sir it is a term used for storage of food grains especially wheat, as i know. Sorry but I don't know much about it.
M4: How much capacity required in Punjab to store food grains?
Me: Sorry sir, I have no Idea.
M2: There is a national highway project running by the company u worked in, which one is that & why is it delayed & What is the deadline to get it complete?
Me: Sir there is a national highway from Panipat to Amritsar being constructed by the co. It is delaying may be due to the untimely availability of resources required. When I was working the deadline was March 2015. But i left in Feb 2015, so now I have no idea. Moreover I was working in warehousing sector there.
M4: What the banks are doing to alleviate Poverty?
Me: (thinking, but could tell anything) told sir sorry I am not able to recall, may be I have no idea relating to this.
M4: Laughing and said arey employment generate krr rhe hai, toh poverty alleviate nhi hoyegi kya. I was not satisfied by his point, but bound to say yes sir, up to some extent.
F1 did not ask anything, she and M1 were observing my gestures/ body language. M2 was also noting some points.
All members were looking satisfied. M2 told me- " ohk Pankaj, U may go".
All wished me Best of luck. I left the room saying all them thanks in one go.
" I am quite satisfied, whatever I had prepared from various sources, I could express in the same manner"

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