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December 08, 2015

Tips to clear Cut off in IBPS Clerk V Preliminary Exam

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Hi friends this is Mohan Babu Mudrakola from Telangana and I have attended Dec 5th 2nd shift ibps clerk pre v online test
Exam was easy and if anyone get 10 to 12 marks in maths so sure shortlisted for maths


Everyone who has basic knowledge in reasoning can easily do 25-30 with in 20 mins.
Inequalities: 5 marks (no need to use pen)
Sitting Arrangement (Circular) – facing the centre – 5 Questions  
Linear Arrangement (North) – 5
Number series – 5
Questions like 235 158 689 458 321 and we have to interchange the numbers first and last etc
Miscellaneous Questions – 10 (blood relations, letter analogy,directions etc.)
Coding and decoding -5 .
Questions like w % h 2 ^ * k g and codes for those letters 5 j y f 2 8 and 3 conditions were given like 1st and 3rd  are symbols then codes for those inter changed etc.
No syllogism questions .

Numerical ability :

Data interpretation -5
Straight questions like adding ,ratio (m,n,o 2003: p,q,r 2006), percentagem in 2004 is what % of r in 2007)
Simplification :10 (bodmos)
Number series : 5 (3 easy )
Miscellaneous : 15 (time taking)
Time and work, train, ages, profit & loss, mensuration etc.

English :

Reading Comprehension – 10 Questions  (Easy but lengthy)
Cloze Test – 5 (easy )
Sentence improvement – 5 Questions (Easy)
Spotting Error – 5 Questions (Easy)
Parajumbles – 5 Questions (doiable)

Some tips to clear cut off

English : (those who needs to clear the cut off)

First go for close test and we can easily get 3 marks out of 5 (who felt English is tough for them also attempt 3 at glance ) in  2mins.

Then go for sentence improvement here also we can identify the spelling mistakes easily and get 3 - 4 marks in 2 mins.

Next go for error correction and attempt only which you are sure 100% one can score 2 marks in 2 mins 

Next attempt sentence rearrangement first sentence only and get 1 mark

And finally go for passage (even though it is lengthy) as it is story based any one can easily answer 8 questions if allotted 10-12 mins and sure we will get 6-8 marks

So friends if any one allots 18-20 mins for English can easily get 3+3+2+1+6 (15 marks)

Trust me friends please don’t skip passage if you want to clear the cut off in English

English : (those who are good at English)
If we allot 15-18 mins we can easily get 20-25 marks except error correction everything is easy and we can easily attempt 3-4 questions in each and 10 marks sure in passage ( antonyms ,synonyms also very easy)  

Maths :
First go for D.I without thinking much and get 5 marks in 5 mins

Next go for number series and one can do 3 questions in less time

Then go for simplifications and do 10 questions (who better in calculation part can do 6-7 mins and others can do 10-12 mins) 

Friends please be careful of maths you must attempt 15 question with good accuracy to be in safe zone and must allot 25 mins

Cut off may be 12 for genral

Reasoning :
One can easily do 35 questions if allotted much time ,but here we all need to be careful to not get tempted by reasoning.

25-30 can doable in 20 mins 

Don’t allot more than 20 mins if you don’t want to take risk in maths session 

If you did 20 in 20 ims it is enough to clear the sectional and overall cut off in clerk pre exam.


Don’t think about cut off and focus for mains cut off will be around 50

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