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December 01, 2015

Interview Experience of RRB Office Assistants - Neeraja

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Good evening friends.......i am Neeraja. I had attended my interview on nov30 in Guntur District Cooperative Central Bank (GDCCB) at 1:00 pm, panel 3 .

They gave me a white paper to write something which is in your proficiency language.
and after that certificate verification was done and my battle time turns at 4:45 pm.
eagerly entered into the interview room.......there are 5 members which include one female.
firstly one of them asked introduce urself....told

then asked what topics u r prepared.....told some topics
the real war starts....
the person asked that consider u r a cashier, if an illiterate person comes to you with a withdrawal form and asked i need some cash then how can u clear his need.
and next the other one asked, if some one places his valuables in lockers.but after some days the valuables were lost.the owners of the lockers told that the banking employees robbered thier then r u accept this?
the rest two members listening to this matter with doing their work.....and the female one is helping to me in answering.....!
so preparing lot of study materials, rbi functions, rrb functions, current issues, latest schemes bla bla bla.....! those material wont help me at all .a nd they didn't asked me about the topic i wrote on the paper..........!
rather preparing this too , go with some practical issues going in banks like cashier duties, how to recover npa's etc....
so all the best for rest of candidates...........thanq all.........

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