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November 24, 2015

Today's (24th November 2015) UIIC Assistants Interview Experience

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Hi friends, I am Kanika. Here I am sharing the interview experience of today's UIIC Assistants. Please note that this is not my interview experience. I got this from fb. First of all thanks to this guy who shared this. All the Best all. 
Name : Arun

Venue : Madurai (TN) 

Interview Date :  24th November 2015

Panel : 3 Members

1. why left previous job ?
2. About father occupation ?
3. Wat all exam attended ?
4. Tell about RRB clerk interview wat all thy asked ?
5. Uiic chairman ?
6. Products of uiic?
7. AGricultural insurance Corp hq?
8. Oicl hq ?
9. What s ecgc ?
10. What replaced planning commission ?
11. Vc of niti Ayog ?
12. What do u knw about rti ? Say how it wrks ?
13. Women ministers in cabinet ?
14. Does Ganga cleaning process useful wat do u think ?
15. Few cabinet minister names ?
16. How we can make rivers clean ?
That's all . One panel member said "
Intetview marks tat we give here have nly less weightage if u have done well in written then let's meet :) and he also said Many insurance ao post will be coming in next few months So try for it?
Tats all guys ..:)

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