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November 24, 2015

Interview Experience : IBPS RRB Assistant IV

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Name : Vinay Garg


Reporting time was1:00PM. There were 4 panels.

1st they took the written language proficiency test.
Thumb impression and
document verification was done at around 2:30 PM.

My interview started at 3.00 PM

Entered the room asked for the permission they said come and have a sit

There were 6member.. 5male and one female

M1: What is ur name?
ME: Vinay garg.

M2:what was u doing in study?
Me: explained.

M2:what are u doing now and ur graduation completed in 2012 after then what are u
Me : Answered idropped 2013 and after den joined banking coaching and started for perpations.(prepration in banking sector)

M3:ok any achievements (mean in 2 year u not able to get any job)
Me; answered i cleared 2013 RRb clerk(159) and po(101) but cut off was very high(General) thats why not selected after then NABARD pre cleared mains not given due to some reasons,
NICL failed in interview markes not comes out yet, IDBI in (waiting list) and now RRB once again

M4: Tell me about ur strengths.
ME: explained

M4: weakness?
Me: answered

M5: ok u doing BBA in management so tell me about Bonus & incentives. why all this are given in organisations?
Me: i explain simply and shortly but they were not agree with my answer so i explained briefly with example after than they were happy and agree with my answer.

F6:what type of qualities a worker must have.
Me; answered. (Leadership, communication skill, motivation power, knowledge and skill, )

F6:want to listen more and more
Me; answered now explained qualities according to all level mean qualities of owners Ceo, supervisor. Division head, etc

M1:why do u think , you are good for this job?
Me; answered

F6;why education is important in all levels?
Me: explained how it is important at all level of management (top,middle,low,and plateform levels) answered briefly..

M1: good and ok now u can go.
Me:I thanked all and came out :)

Nothing asked about banking and G.A

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