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November 16, 2015

Reasoning : Statement and Assumptions Practice Tests with Explanations

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Read the questions carefully and answer the following : 

Directions (Q. No. 1-5) : Given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. 
  • Mark (1) if only assumption I is implicit 
  • Mark (2) if only assumption II is implicit 
  • Mark (3) if either I or II is implicit 
  • Mark (4) if neither I nor II is implicit 
  • Mark (5) if both I and II are implicit 
1. Statement :- The government has decided to provide monetary relief to the farmers in the drought-hit areas.  
I. The farmers of the affected areas may accept the government relief.
II. The government machinery may be able to reach the affected farmers to provide relief.

2. Statement :- All the students of a school were instructed by the Principal to reach school at least 15 minutes before the stipulated time for the coming month.

Assumptions :
I. The parents of the students of the school may protest against the Principal's instruction.
II. The parents may request the Principal to withdraw the instruction.

3. Statement :- Railway authority has started Internet booking facility of long-distance trains and also delivering the tickets at the doorstep through courier service at a little extra cost.
Assumptions : 
I. Many customers may now book their tickets through Internet, resulting into fewer crowds at ticket booking offices.
II. Most of the customers may still buy their railway tickets at the booking counters.

4. Statement :- "If you have obtained 75 per cent or more marks in X Std examina-tion, your admission to our coaching class for XII Std is guaranteed." An advertisement.
Assumptions : 
I. Bright students do not generally opt for attending coaching classes.
II. The coaching class has adequate capacity to accommodate all such students.

5. Statement :- The municipal corporation has given permission for holding fun fairs in the local football ground during the holiday season.
Assumptions : 
I. The local residents may protest against the corporation' s decision.
II. Many people may not participate in the fun fair.

Solutions :

1. When the government has decided to provide relief to the far-mers, it must be assuming that the plan can be executed, and the farmers respond positively . Hence, both I and II are implicit. Ans: 5 
2. If Principal is instructing students, he must be assuming that the students will abide by his instruction, and the parents will also accept it. Hence, both I and II are not implicit Ans: 4 
3. The initiative taken by the rail-way authority has been aimed at providing better service-customer. Hence, I is implicit. II may nor may not be an assumption. Hence II is not implicit Ans: 1 
4. From the advertisement, it is clear that the advertiser must be assuming II. Hence, II is implicit. Assumption I is rather contradicting the statement. Hence, I is not implicit. Ans: 2 
5. Since assumptions I and II go against the spirit of the given statement, both I and II are not implicit. Ans: 4 
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